About me

Well hello there.

I'm Erin, a 34-year-old writer from San Jose, California. I've been running this blog since 2006, when I was dutifully employed in corporate real estate. I hold a degree in journalism, for all the good it did me; I spent several years in the newspaper business only to find that I had a choice. I could be a reporter, or I could be happy.

I chose happiness, or as close to happiness as I could find, living in my hometown with my new husband, two cats, and working at a "normal" job. By 2010, I'd figured out "normal" wasn't right for me, and I quit my job to pursue something altogether different -- writing my own novel, which I just finished and am working up the gumption to self-publish.

In the meantime I've also maintained this blog and embedded myself into bottomless pool that is the blogging world.

I'm open to any and all possibilities. If you are a brand/sponsor that is interested in having a giveaway, or putting up and ad, or would like me to review a product, please contact me at zeromusings@yahoo.com. I generally write about the following topics: Food, weight loss/dieting, fixing up my house, my cats, books, television, and lifestyle stuff I generally do or don't like.

Thanks for stopping in!