Monday, November 03, 2014

To sleep, perchance to scream

I almost forgot to post today. I was all focused on completing my absentee ballot (which I have to take to a polling place tomorrow, thereby defeating the purpose of being an absentee voter, as per usual), and then I felt happy because I was going to go to bed, or attempt to anyway, because Old Eagle Ears (the baby) sometimes wakes up when the floor creaks as I tiptoe by.

And then I was like Oh Damn. NaBloPoMo.

This is how a life of non-blogging begins. Sleep deprivation.

We are in the midst of one of the most challenging times with Graham. I thought the four month sleep regression was difficult ... I thought a lot of times were difficult, and the honest truth is this child is not a good sleeper, so it has been difficult. But I believe what's been going on the last couple weeks takes the cake.

The child has been teething for a few weeks, so there's that stabbing mouth pain to wake him up. And then when he wakes up he wants to stand and yell in his crib. Getting him back down to sleep sometimes takes HOURS. Last night I was up from 1:30 a.m. to 4 a.m. and he woke for the day at 6:20 a.m. Do you see how this is no effing joke? I'm running on pumpkin spice latte fumes.

It's just what's happening right now. I have accepted it, and am determined to plod through the damn thing until this kid learns how to GTFTS. That's not to say there haven't been times when I'm so tired I just cry. Hahahahaha. I thought I knew what sleep deprivation was. As all the mommies told me when I was pregnant: I HAD NO IDEA.


  1. It will get better. I promise. One day you will wake up rested and life will be in technicolor. That day is coming. I promise.
    Be kind to yourself. Take care of yourself. Go for a walk, see a friend, laugh really hard, do what nourishes your soul. Remember the airplane rule: You must take care of yourself before you can care for others.
    So good to see you back on the interwebs again!

    1. I keep hearing of this mythical date in the future when all of this nonsense will be in my past! ;) Hahaha.... it's really not crushing my soul, I swear. The good parts of having my son far, far outweigh the bad, and as I often say to my husband -- at least there's not that soul crushing sadness I used to have every day!

  2. Go easy on yourself! Sleep deprivation permeates every single aspect of your life. It is no joke. I too had a horrible sleeper. I was exhausted for 2 years. Once I stopped counting the hours of sleep I was missing and started a gratification journal (to remind myself why motherhood was supposed to be so freaking fantastic), I chilled out...and then she chilled out...and we both started sleeping more. She was an awful baby, but ridiculously easy toddler and child (as a preteen she is a bit of a nightmare), so I bet the same goes for you!!!! Hang in there!