Friday, November 07, 2014

The best shows you didn't know you should be watching, plus other stuff

NaBloWriMo would not be complete without a list of TV shows we need to discuss. SPOILERS AHEAD if that kind of thing matters to you (although I'm a couple episodes behind on many of these).

- Parenthood. It's the final season and someone's gonna die. Who will it be? Zeke is the obvious choice but maybe it will be Camille? Or maybe one of the kids? Hahaha.... This is such a great show, I can't believe they don't have the ratings to keep it going.

- blackish. HILARIOUS. And then they did the spanking episode and I was so impressed.

- Jane the Virgin. So good.

- American Horror Story -- they killed the horror when Twisty died. Just sayin'.

- The Walking Dead - I don't know, I guess I'm just feeling ho-hum about zombies these days. When can these people get to DC and figure out the cure and such?

- The Middle. This is basically a show of my life.

- Sons of Anarchy. I can't even watch it anymore after what happened to Tara. Literally, I am not watching it any more. It's a disgusting show.

- The Leftovers was sort of dumb, right? So was the book.

- Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates, Jr. - NEW FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME. If you like Who Do You Think You Are?, and I assume you do not because you aren't 85 years old at heart like I am, you will love Finding Your Roots. He does three people's genealogy at once and they do the blood test thing at the end to show what their true lineage is. Bad ass. One evening while watching it my husband (who says this is the most boring shit on the planet) fell asleep, but I was so excited I had a dream I was a genealogist later that night.

- Marry Me. Should be better than it is but it has potential. I'm still pissed Happy Endings got cancelled.

- In that same vein, I'm gonna give Benched a try, as TV Guide (I told you, I am basically 85) says it's good, and it has one of the Happy Endings people in it.

- Sleepy Hollow. Has this show lost some of its pizazz? I just don't care as much any more. The best parts of each episode are when Ichabod encounters modernisms that baffle him, and that's only like 30 seconds of each show.

- The Mindy Project. Still so good!

- The Affair. The jury is still out on this one, but major points for creative story telling and mystery.

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