Monday, November 10, 2014

Closed captioning

Have I mentioned my son is a light sleeper? Mayhaps?

I can't do much of anything once he's in bed; can't make dinner, do dishes, flush the toilet (unless it's a #2, I'm not an ANIMAL), talk on the phone ... You get the picture. So watching TV in the evenings has been interesting for quite some time. Me and my husband watch it at such a low volume, we can't be certain of what's truly happening on any of the shows we watch. Every night one of us turns to the other and asks, 'What did he/she say?' And the other will shrug, 'No idea.' We just sigh and continue watching.

But, as Graham would say, OH WOW. We have figured out how to watch our shows and not miss a single word of dialogue. You probably already know what I'm going to say because you're a smart person and would have done this long ago (also, it's the title of this post): CLOSED CAPTIONING!

I am experiencing a level of television enjoyment I knew only pre-baby. It's so lovely to understand the words that are coming out of people's mouths and to appreciate clever writing. Also, I enjoy being explained to that tense music is playing or someone is moaning or saying, 'Ugh!' Or '[chuckles].' My favorite to date is 'Eugene! Eugene! Eugene ...?' That's from The Walking Dead and is dialogue we never would have even known existed due to our decibel problemo. No problemo any more, amigos.

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  1. Have you tried white sound machines? We had them for both kids when they were little and it helped drown out the "people are awake without me" noises.