Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Break your momma's back

Just a brief post tonight. I'm tired. I have a headache. Jane the Virgin beckons.

So, my back hurts. Straight up achin' bacon. Particularly at night, when I'm attempting to sleep. This is problematic, seeing as how I already have something else that keeps me up all night called MY BABY. I suppose this is all related to my abdominal muscles being shot to hell from pregnancy, in addition to having the physique of a marshmallow and carting around my heavy kid all day. No idea what to do about this problem, although I presume Dr. Google would be helpful in this regard.

And then my other problem is that I've managed to frighten my kid so badly that he now hates having a bath. YES I WIN AT MOTHERING. So what happened is that yesterday I put Graham into the tub while the water was still running from the faucet and he freaked the hell out. Message received: Do not put me in the tub while the water is still running. But! As I predicted yesterday, I apparently broke his brain and now the tub is simply a terrifying place to be; he freaked out again when I put him in the tub tonight, even though the water was off. Also very few ideas what to do about this issue.

That is all. Solve my problems, please. Good night.


  1. Try getting in the bath with him! My son sent through a similar phase around that age and it was the only way to get him into the bath without freaking out. After a few weeks, he was comfortable going in by himself again! Give it a try! Good luck!

  2. Allie did the tub freakout thing too. (To this day, she will NOT enter the bathroom while I'm running water in the tub for her.) I got in the water with her. I bought extra toys. I pleaded and cajoled. And in the end, do you know what worked? M&Ms. I'd give her 2 M&Ms every time she got in the bath (which meant 2 for her brother as well) for exactly 3 packages. And then I pulled the "Oh no, we're out! We'll have to buy more next time!" Except there wasn't a next time. And now she willingly takes baths. Take heart, momma -- this too shall pass ...

  3. I may have fixed the issue!! I put a piece of poster board in front of the faucet so he couldn't see it, and we resumed bath time as usual. I was amazed. Of course, who knows what tomorrow night will bring.