Thursday, November 06, 2014

Becoming cool at the speed of continental drift

I forgot I was supposed to be breathlessly blogging, tweeting, and instagramming my last-kid-in-the-lunchline involvement with birchbox and stitchfix.

So here we go. I would seem more excited, but I cannot overstate the sleep deprivation happening over here, IN CASE THAT WASN'T CRYSTAL CLEAR YET.

I joined birchbox several months ago and it's been fun. I've even purchased two exorbitantly priced beauty products. One is an amazing shampoo I am rationing like chocolate if it was the end of the world and there was no more chocolate, knowmsayin? Ok, that was a bad metaphor. My point is I only use it when I'm going to be doing something other than mothering and schlepping around the house. (Interesting aside: I wrote "schlumping" and the computer changed it to "schlepping" and I just sighed like FINE COMPUTER YOU WIN. "Interesting" may have been an overstatement.)

ANYWAY the shampoo is called Number 4 Hydrating Shampoo. The stuff is basically magical. I wouldn't have thought I needed a hydrating shampoo, but it turns out I DO, and it makes my hair feel gloriously silky.

The other thing I bought is this great primer/foundation called Supergoop! I'm also rationing this stuff for special occasions. It works approximately four quadrillion times better than my old foundation, which was not cheap stuff, btw.

The next overpriced item I plan to buy once I run out of the sample is this eye cream called Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream and basically, it is sort of wonderful because it actually works. If it can make a person who gets four hours of sleep a night look like she got at least seven, it's working, mkay?

Now on to stitchfix. I received my first box the other day and was like ... the hell? I mean, I'm no style maven -- everything I'm wearing right now is literally from Old Navy and Target, and honestly I sometimes see homeless people dressed better than me. But I just didn't love the stuff they sent. Then I realized -- Duh -- I didn't give them enough info about what I am looking for. I signed up for it when G was squirming in my lap and whining to go play, so I was like -- yeah sure clothe me and stuff. They sent three polyester shirts with questionable patterns and one cotton shirt with horizontal stripes and gold buttons on the shoulders. I just wanted to be like: I am 36, not 86, man. And I hate, hate, hate horizontal stripes. Which of course they did not know. Be assured they do now. I did keep a cute necklace, though, so at least that was a win.

That is all. Have you signed up for either of these services? Do you have thoughts or tips on how to get the most out of them?

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