Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A latte of griping

So I was having a rough morning. I'd had an argument. Aunt Flo is in town (which in and of itself is not that crappy but this is her first visit in more than a year and a half which basically means a year and a half's PMS is raging right now). Finally, Graham had a crappy nap and would therefore be crabby for the rest of the day.

And to top things off, I look SO OLD now you guys. And I am so fat. And then I went to the store with one droopy boob because I forgot to clip one side of my bra back in after feeding the kid.

Basically it was a shitstorm of first world problems.

So I decided that, it being October 1, this would be a lovely day for a pumpkin spice latte. So I drove to Starbucks, and speaking of shitstorms, there was a shitstorm of a-holes from a nearby gym standing around in spandex, causing a terribly long line. So, remembering Peet's also sells a pumpkin latte, I went there. It was much more reasonable. A woman with a dog even smiled at me. Things were looking up! So I ordered my latte and was then told they were OUT OF PUMPKIN. I almost cried. But instead I ordered a vanilla latte.


Just kidding.

Well sort of not kidding.

Then I drank my latte and became a better mother. A caffeinated Erin is just a better Erin; there is no doubt. Unfortunately I can't have caffeine regularly because I have The Oldz and my heart might 'splode.

Then I got butternut squash soup from Le Boulanger. Never mind there is a heat advisory today and I am getting all this hot stuff to eat/drink. And also never mind that I also had butternut squash soup for dinner last night.

I desperately want for it to be fall so I can just break out the cable knit, but October seems to desperately want to be a summer month. The rest of the week is forecasted to be in the 90s.

I know that was a terribly interesting story. You are welcome.

In other news, professionals have cleaned my house. As I texted to a friend, I should have been ashamed to allow strangers to see the place in the state it was in, but all I truly felt was a bone-deep weariness and enormous relief. And honestly, my shower has probably never been cleaner. The sort of hilarious thing is Lucia, the woman who cleaned my house with her little friend, seriously underestimated how frigging filthy the place was, and literally threw in the towel after a few hours because she didn't have enough time to do everything. Still, everything she did was approximately four thousand times better than what normally happens around here. She will be asked back soon, and  hopefully she will agree to do so.

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