Monday, September 22, 2014

If you think you're tired now...

On Friday, Graham pulled himself into a standing position on his own, twice. Since then he's done it countless times, and today he was awfully close to just jumping to his feet from a seated position. Which ... he'll be 10 months old next week, and I sort of hadn't expected to need to deal with a child who walks for at least another couple months.

So over the weekend I sent my husband out to pick up a Baby Jail I bought from a woman on a Facebook moms group (all I see on Facebook now is stuff about babies and breastfeeding -- I am officially uncool). Baby Jail should come in handy when I've exhausted myself from trying to prevent Young Master from bashing his head into the coffee table or nosediving into the disgusting, hairy cat beds, which are like the number one thing he wants to dig his hands into and rub his face on right now.

So yeah, it's true; a child who needs constant supervision while attempting to stand and walk is more tiring than one who mostly sits or just rolls around on the floor. My mom said to me recently: "If you think you're tired now ..." And dude. I am so tired right now. And I see how I'm going to be even more tired soon. I object to this development, for the record.

Other baby-related things:

- On Friday G spit up all over me, but I didn't realize it'd also gotten in my bra until several hours later. Delightful.

- I've been trying a probiotic on him due to his dairy sensitivity (at the suggestion of his pediatrician), but I think maybe it's making him spit up. Does anyone have experience weaning a dairy-sensitive baby? I don't know what to give him once he's weaned. Almond milk? Then there's the concern of enough fat in his diet ...

- Speaking of weaning, I'm trying to plan my strategy so that he's weaned by around age 1. I don't expect it to be easy because he's a comfort nurser and has a strong association with nursing and sleeping.

- I'm thinking about G's first birthday because I know it's going to take me forever to get it planned. So far there are like 60 people on my invite list and I'm realizing I need to winnow it down if I plan to not completely lose my shit that day.

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