Monday, March 17, 2014


I'd be doing well to put up one post a week, but that doesn't seem manageable quite yet. I really, truly thought blogging was going to be possible post-baby, but it turns out I didn't know jack shit about babies. Ha!

Like, what'd be cool is if you could get stuff done while babies slept. Or, like, if you could sleep while your baby sleeps. What I didn't anticipate was how HARD is it to get a baby to sleep. Sometimes by the time I get my baby to sleep, I've also fallen asleep, and then he wakes me up. Most times, I spend half an hour getting him to sleep, and then 15 minutes later he's awake and ready to party until the next nap rolls around. This is barely enough time to mash a sandwich into my mouth-hole, much less put on makeup or clean bathrooms or BLOG, for godssakes.

(BTW sleep training has gone by the wayside for the time being. He improved SLIGHTLY so I let it go, besides which I am nowhere near ready to listen to him wail. It hurts me.)

Nonetheless, little Graham gets cuter by the day. He's in full-on drool mode, possibly teething, although I don't see any evidence other than the drool. He's got grabbing stuff down, and most of it finds its way into his mouth. He likes to stand up (with help). He likes when his dad whistles. He's just learned, hysterically, to splash in the tub. He does not like being ignored or made to sit in his chair for FIVE FRIGGING MINUTES while mommy makes a piece of toast. He dislikes having his nails cut. He hates all of his carriers other than the car seat.

His hair is falling out, and so is mine, in great clumps. To-do today: remove giant hair monster from shower drain. I need a hair cut pronto so I can just chop off this witchy crud and start over with a new batch. I do wonder what color his hair will end up being. So far his eyes are looking sometimes hazel, sometimes greenish (!), but I believe they'll eventually settle into brown.

We moved Baby G into his own room over the weekend, after MUCH hemming and hawing and major guilt on my part, because, I dunno, now he has to sleep in a room alone instead of three feet from me and we can't wake each other up all night long? But he's about 3 and a half months old, and frankly I'd been wanting to move him for about two months now. But there are all these concerns about SIDS and then my own paranoia about him, I dunno, injuring himself somehow in his crib, which I logically know is the safest possible place in the entire house for him.

So anyway, the move went OK. He did wake more frequently, but each time I went into his room he was angled 90 degrees from where I'd placed him and grinning maniacally at the ceiling fan. So I'd say he's OK with his room, at least.

I guess that's about it for now. I'd write some book reviews but I don't have time. Which makes me sad. I do rate them on goodreads if you feel like checking out what I've been reading on there (I think the link is on my sidebar. I don't have time to link to it, even. Ugh). I haven't picked up a new read for a couple weeks because I'm looking for something really good. Open to suggestions!