Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the nursery

The nursery is done! The nursery is done!

And none too soon, I must say.

Putting together a nursery sounds fun before you actually do it, and then you start to do it and you're like: Wow, this sort of blows. Except it doesn't blow as much as it would if you were just putting together any old room, because you're always thinking about your kid spending time there.

Getting the room ready involved building a number of pieces of furniture, lots of horrible shopping at horrible places (IKEA and Target and Buy Buy Baby - I'm talking to you), lots of washing of things and putting away of things, and bickering and so on and so forth. The room is pretty much done now, except for the much-advised blackout curtains (I've read three books on how to make your baby sleep and the only thing they all agree on is blackout curtains), and a couple family photos I plan to put up.

So without further ado, I present the nursery!

 Peering in from the doorway, we've got the glider/recliner, a nightstand, and a couple cutesy details. Yes, that is a camera on the nightstand. We want our son to know we are always watching him. Heh. 

Still looking from the doorway, now we can see part of the crib, plus the dresser/changing area, and cloud and airplane decals on the wall. 
The decals kill me, you guys. Best and cheapest and cutest idea ever. I got them from Blik.
There is a wipe warmer on the dresser. I know, I know.

 Standing in the room, to the right of the chair, looking toward the nightstand/cute bird pics. 

 A closer view of the birds. 

The airplane and sheep parachuting ... I just die every time I see it. 
The kid's cradle is to the left of the crib -- we'll keep that in our room when he's first born.  
You may also have noticed the child gate. In our case it's a cat gate and seems to be keeping the cats out for the time being. 

The lavender sachets my sister made for my shower. So cute. You should commission her to make you some. 

The crib sheets. We want the kid to be stressed out about traffic immediately.

So that's pretty much it. I expect it will never look this tidy again. And you may have noticed it's really not gender neutral, but what can I say? Little boy stuff is just so adorable and different from everything I've ever known -- my family produces mainly girls, so this is a whole other experience. Anyway, he'll grow out of all of it and want to replace it with obnoxious crap from whatever tv show the kids are into in a few years, and that's just fine.


  1. So cute! And not obnoxious or over the top. Good job, guys! Definitely a room he can grow into. And thanks for avoiding bossy signs like "Live, laugh, love."

    I love the parachuting sheep!!! The car sheets, the lavender owls (nice job, sister Sarah!) and the bird pictures are way cool! I'm jealous - wish my room were that cool.

    And despite what myself and others have said, a wipe warmer sounds friggin' awesome. Every morning my little 17 month old cringes and cries in anticipation of cold wipes on his junk. It's as if he's telling me, "Mommy, why don't you love me enough for a wipe warmer?!" I'm sure it'll come up in therapy 20 years from now.

    1. I wouldn't want an ice-cold wipe on my nethers first thing in the morning. Sheeersh. The "bossy signs" are everywhere. We should start a company called Bossy Signs, and produce lovely wood-carved things that say "Appreciate Every Moment, You Ungrateful Bitch!".

    2. OMG I HATE those bossy signs!!!!! I don't need a big "FOOD" sign in my kitchen, either. Criminy.
      The funny thing, Sarah, is you live in a WAY colder climate than I do so you could actually justify the wipe warmer. We're having a "cold spell" here and it's like 60 degrees outside. :)

  2. LOVE the parachuting sheep! Sean now has Avengers decals on his walls. Just giving you a taste of the future. :)

    And OMG blackout curtains!! YES. My kids won't nap/sleep without them and they are worth every stinking penny.

    1. I still need to get on those curtains. *sigh* I'm friggin tired, man.

  3. That is so cute! The decals are totally adorable. I kind of want those parachuting sheep in my bedroom...

    1. Thanks! Blik has soooo many decals. It's a pretty cheap and easy way to decorate.

  4. oh its so cute! i love how you decorated it, erin. and that glider looks amaze!
    and if you dont get around to getting the blackout curtains, dont worry about it. we never did and now jonas can fall asleep with sun blaring on his face, its awesome. :)

    1. I was damn proud of myself for the glider -- got a great deal on it. I do still need to get the curtains, ugh! I'm worried this kid will be a crappy sleeper like me, so ... probably should do it.

  5. The airplane. Ugh. I want that so badly for myself. With a map of the U.S. behind it, and a little plane trail leading from Ohio to NYC. I want to grow up, but I can't.