Tuesday, September 03, 2013


I think I need a bullet point post so I can brain-vomit on you today.

- Something very, very important happened. Christina had her baby! My mind has definitely not wrapped itself around this yet. Go check out this little cutie patootie.

- I could easily make the rest of this post just me complaining about stuff. But I will go ahead and try to switch off between complaints and awesome things.

- Our contractor with the great reviews did a crappy job on the drywall (among a few other smaller items). Mind you, the word "drywall" is in the name of the company. So you'd think they're pretty much pros at making flat walls. But here is what one area of one of our walls now looks like.

What you're looking for is the seam running vertically on the far wall. Ugh.
Word to the wise -- apparently drywall is supposed to be installed horizontally, so that's problem #1. The dudes are gonna come back and fix the problems, but it's just annoying. I have a million things I'm trying to get finished over here.

- I started reading Mindy Kaling's book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), and you might be surprised to hear: I think it's better than Tina Fey's. Blasphemy, I know. But I am laughing out loud. A lot. 

- So you may remember how I'm trying to figure out what kind of carpet to install in the family room, to replace the ugly seafoam green carpet and complement the new gray walls. Well. Under the existing carpet there are old floor tiles. So I sent part of one to be tested for asbestos, and guess what?? They have asbestos in them, of course. So they need to stay where they are to avoid releasing asbestos into the air. Which means it's definitely going to be carpet in there and not laminate, because there are chunks of tile missing, and you need a flat surface for laminate. Farts.

- In other book news, I enjoyed The Wolf of Wall Street a lot (they're making this into a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio), and sort of enjoyed Expecting Better; Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom is Wrong and What You Need to Know. Reviews to follow, eventually.

- I am now at the stage of pregnancy where I just spontaneously burst into tears if I'm disappointed about something. So that's fun.

- I am now going to try to turn a complaint into something positive. So I went to the acupuncturist today and she was like You are eating all the wrong things. Which I sort of knew, because, yes, I don't imagine white carbs are like the pinnacle of a healthy diet. But I was eating fruit and whole grains and yogurt and stuff too, and that is all wrong wrong wrong, too, she says, because of my spleen qi deficiency. The good news is now I know what I should be eating. Ta-da!

- Ikea didn't have the color crib I wanted and won't have it until October. I almost burst into tears, but instead said Fuck It and bought it in birch. I sort of hate birch but I've also reached the I Do Not Fucking Care portion of pregnancy.

- Freecycle. Learn it. Know it. Live it. The people on Freecycle will take literally anything, no questions asked. And yes, you are giving stuff away for free, but sometimes it's really hard to get rid of stuff, you know? Like, no one on Craigslist or eBay or at the garage sale wants it, so ... freecycle that mofo!

- My poor husband seems to have pulled a muscle or something, so he's basically out of commission when it comes to lifting alllllll of the heavy ass furniture around here. And I have literally never needed more heavy ass furniture to be lifted than I do right now.

- To end this on a high note, I am 7 months pregnant with a baby boy who kicks a lot. All that really matters is that he's born healthy. The rest will work itself out.


  1. Oooh, thanks for the rec's on Mindy Kaling and Tina Fey. Not like I didn't know they're off the rails hilarious, but sometimes I just forget things. And just yesterday, when we lost power for 12 hours straight, I couldn't think of one damn book that I'd like to read. I'm making a mental note of this.

    Holy shit- 7 months already??!?!?! Congratulations on your healthy miracle!!! (also, I'm totally jeal.) :)

    1. Yeah, I'm still entertained so I think it's worth a read!

      I know, 7 months is crazy. I have major hope for you, dude. Get past the wedding and then you can revisit the baby stuff!

  2. I cannot believe they thought anything about that huge seam in the wall was okay.


    Now I want to read Mindy Kaling's book.

    1. I know. Ugh.

      And yeah! You should totally read it!

  3. I LOLed at Mindy's book, but it mostly seemed thrown together to me. Like, "I'm famous enough that people will buy whatever I write, so here's a list!" Plus, I like that Tina talks about NYC and how late people eat dinner here.

    That wall is laughable.

    1. You know what ... you are right. It's actually not as funny as I thought it was at first. I'd been irritated with Tina because I felt like she was talking down to me, but now I'm thinking she wins this particular contest.

  4. im a freecycling fool, too! i love it. its my favorite, plus i dont have to pack the car up and drive to goodwill, just put it on my doorstep! the best.

  5. I still vote for darkish grey mottled carpet. All the effing stains on my hideous beige carpet are a shade of grey. Don't fight it. Also! Nature's Miracle will pull vomit smell (and stain) out of the carpet. Do not ask why I know this.

    1. You know... you have a good point. All of the stains on my carpet are gray, too. And girl, you know I already have a giant bottle of Nature's Miracle under my kitchen sink! I've already got two barf machines to clean up after, so I'm basically just adding a third. ;)

  6. Mindy's book--funny!
    Nature's Miracle--awesome!
    Birthing Classes--take Bradley! <-----shameless plug. You are welcome.
    Not sleeping--soon, you will spend so much time gazing at the wonder that is your baby's perfect widdle face that you won't miss sleep. After a few days of that, well, you have lots of local family to take that perfect baby for an hour so you can have a nap. Perf!
    Congratulations on month 7. It's a good one. So are month 8 and 9, and all the months after that ;)