Monday, July 29, 2013

book reviews

So for starters, I feel like a bit of a hypocrite reviewing novels on my blog, having just released my own novel. I'm shaking in my boots a little in anticipation of the first negative review. So I sort of understand how other authors must feel when reviewers nitpick their stories. But, the main difference between them and me is that I am ranked something like 115,987th on Amazon, and books like the one I'm currently reading -- Brilliance -- is ranked No. 30. I think the author can handle the critique!

Also, I keep avoiding reading baby books, which I really need to do. Although you'll see below I did read one quasi-baby book and reviewed it. I swear I'm going to start reading more of these. Yup. Gonna get right on it.

I liked The Silver Star quite a bit. I think it kind of wanted to be To Kill a Mockingbird, but probably it's best if I just look at it as paying homage to the classic. The story is about two girls who are being raised by their slacker mom in California in 1970. One day mom disappears and they decide to go find a long lost uncle in Virginia. Once they get there and start acquainting themselves with the locals, shenanigans both bad and good ensue. I gave it four out of five stars.

I had to read this because it was being touted as the next The Hunger Games. Well, it definitely wishes it was as good as The Hunger Games but it doesn't quite cut the mustard. That said, it is a dystopian futuristic novel, which is right up my alley, and they are making the series into movies. (Also people who are from Chicago or really familiar with Chicago would probably get extra enjoyment out of this series since that's where it's set) The first movie is due out next March. The third book in the series hasn't been published yet. I guess my main gripe with the novel is that I never really came to like the main character/protagonist, and I think that's partly because I didn't find the premise to be believable enough. Therefore her motivations weren't believable enough to me. Still, it's an entertaining and fast read and good for those of us who enjoy reading the book before seeing the movie. 

Second verse, same as the first -- this is the second book in the Divergent series. I liked Insurgent slightly less than Divergent. It really took a Twilight turn in the romance department, a la New Moon, and New Moon was totally the suckiest book in that series (although yes, the whole series sucked balls).

I really enjoyed Snapper. It's about a guy who spent a bunch of time studying birds in the forests of Virginia. He spends much time agonizing over a woman he's in love with, but apparently everyone else is in love with her, too, and she's pretty free with her affections. He speaks of his friends and their adventures/misadventures. The book sort of trails off at the end so you're not really sure how to feel, but overall I thought it was a really entertaining read.

God bless Denise and Alan Fields for writing this book and putting out new editions every year. This is what every person who's expecting a baby and has no idea what they need should read. It contains an exhaustive amount of research on all the important stuff -- cribs, baby monitors, diapers, etc etc etc. There's stuff in here I never would have thought of, like what the crib is made of and why that's important. They've done all the homework for us and I'm so glad because I don't have it in me.


  1. I recently started reading a book I'd read 15 or 20 years ago thinking it would be just as awesome as it was then. It is not. Which makes me kind of sad, because they're making it into a series on Starz. Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon.

    1. Ooohhhh dang, yeah. I read that a few years ago and while it's not a great book, per se, it's entertaining enough and I like the premise. Plus -- sexy times, amiright?

  2. You just reminded me that I was considering reading "Fifty Shades of Grey" because I'm single and depressing now.

    Also, OMG, you published a book while I was out of the country. WTF. This is amazing. I'm going to go look at it on Amazon and then see if I can torrent it somewhere without paying for it. Juuuuuuuuust kidding.

    1. Or stay tuned for my free promo in like a month. :) Don't read 50 Shades, woman! There's way better book porn out there.