Thursday, June 27, 2013

let's just go ahead and talk about tv

There's no sense in me pretending I don't watch an obscene amount of television, so let's just go ahead and discuss what's on TV right now. Basically, there's not enough to keep me happy and sedate, rubbing my belly full of biscotti (which: make these) while lounging lazily on the chesterfield.

(Does anyone call a couch a chesterfield anymore? My grandmother-in-law is the only person I'd ever met who called it that. She also used the phrase "for the birds" quite a bit, and to date, it's one of my all-time-faves.)

I am suffering from my annual bout of summer TV drought. As if people stop watching television during the summer. I guess we all ought to be out picking fruit in organic orchards and swimming in lakes and getting sunburns and canning peaches, and if you believe The Blogs Of The World, some people are really out there doing all that, every day. But during the week, on summer evenings,  I'm a big fan of my air conditioner and a nice program on my telly.

So here's a little rundown of what I've scrounged up to watch.

  • The Bachelorette. Quite possibly the dullest installment of this show yet. When three of my top five guys were eliminated on the second episode, I decided this season was going nowhere fast. So I looked up spoilers to see who the winner is, and I am baffled. Also baffled by the runner-up. I just don't give a flying fart about any of the people on this show. 
  • The Fall. This is a BBC psychological thriller you can catch on Netflix. It's actually quite good, although there aren't enough episodes (only 5) and it sort of leaves you hanging. It stars Gillian Anderson, whom I have loved since her X-Files days, and Jamie Dornan, who played the sheriff on Once Upon a Time for five minutes before they killed him off.  
  • Season 3 of the The Killing. I have a love/hate relationship with this show. The good news is they've promised to wrap the story up in one season this time, rather than drag the whole thing out for two (which: for the birds). It's vaguely boring, but I love the guy who plays Holder (he's also going to be RoboCop in the RoboCop reboot next year) and Peter Sarsgaard has been entertaining as the did-he-or-didn't-he guy on death row. 
  • Family Tree on HBO. Utterly, terrifically boring. Had to stop watching. Is it just that I don't get British humor? 
  • In the Flesh. Another BBC show you can catch OnDemand. There's been a zombie outbreak, but they've come up with a cure and are trying to rehabilitate former zombies. Problem is not everyone is on board with the rehabbed zombies being welcomed back into society. Sort of dark, but kept me entertained. Damn, zombies are like the new black, right?
  •  True Blood. There is only one reason to watch this stupid show any more, and that's so you can read the io9 recap the next day and laugh your ass off. Well worth the hour invested.
  • Real Housewives of Orange County. Lydia is my new favorite. Slade (omg the name Slade, I just die) totally did call Vicky Miss Piggy (and he totally won't take ownership of it, what a douche), and Vicky totally did get a facelift as a direct result! Way to call a slade a spade, Lyd. (See what I did there?)
  • Ray Donovan on Showtime. Really good stuff. Probably the best thing out this summer. He's a Hollywood "fixer." Love it. 
  • Under the Dome. Entertaining enough. Campy horror, a la Stephen King. It takes a few liberties with the book, although I admittedly only read the first 5%. 
Someone tell me what the deal is with Copper and Whodunit? Do I need to be watching these? Am I missing anything? I didn't bother with that Netflix werewolf show, but should I have?

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  1. I've never seen any of these, and never heard of anyone calling it a chesterfield. My grandma uses "davenport," though.