Thursday, May 02, 2013


  • Anthony Bourdain drunk is the same as Anthony Bourdain sober. This is quite the feat. When I'm drunk I just get loud, red, and annoying. And then sleepy.
  • I'm constantly on a mission to figure out how to get my cats to barf less (this is why we can't have nice things). Brush them more so they don't eat their fur: done. Vacuum more so they don't eat random fur/fuzz on the ground: done. Experiment with more easily-digestible food: done. It all seems to help somewhat. And then we wake up and there's a giant cat poo dingleberry on the living room rug (always on the rug. Always. Never on the hardwood). You can't win with cats, I tell you. I should live in a plastic white box that gets sprayed down with bleach every day.
  •  I need your help with this Google-Reader-Going-Bye-Bye situation. I switched over to The Old Reader, but it's slow. Should I just suck it up? Or is there a better reader out there? I'd love to use a reader that's not connected to Google, if such a thing exists.
  •  Chocolate chip cookie recipes on the back of chocolate chip packages are not to be trusted. I am now such a cookie snob that I threw out a significant portion of cookies I made while following the Ghirardelli package instructions. The problem was they were too sweet/had too many chocolate chips. It called for the whole package of chocolate chips, and really, I'm thinking no recipe should call for more than a cup. For the record, here are my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipes. An easy one is the peanut butter chocolate chip recipe I tweaked just ever-so-slightly from a Betty Crocker recipe. But the best chocolate chip cookies I've made are Martha's ultimate chocolate chip cookies. I don't make them often because you have to chill them and use parchment paper and that's just a lot of prep.
  • Do you follow the morning news wars/drama? The battle between Today and Good Morning America? Ann Curry's ouster and the demonizing of Matt Lauer? Here's an interesting article about how Curry was given the boot, in what was allegedly termed "Operation Bambi" by Today's executive producer. Frankly, it sounds like everyone on the show is an a-hole. We switched over to local morning news -- watching these people fumble through a broadcast is just too awkward.
  • Have you seen Friends with Kids? I watched it last weekend and whoa. Major deja vu. There's a scene where all the friends are getting together for dinner. One couple has two small kids and another couple has a newborn. The last two are singletons who don't have children. The dinner dissolves in the parents yelling at each other, children screaming, and general anarchy. The singletons depart to a bar where they stare at each other, shellshocked. It's an awkward, somewhat stressful experience as a nonparent, I can attest. And it's no one's fault. I fully intend to have children and will then, perhaps, be that person yelling at her husband while her child screams bloody murder and guests uncomfortably fork food into their mouths, plotting their getaways. Kids change everything, yo.
  • It has been brought to my attention (by my 60-ish neighbor) that I say the word "totally" too much. He's totally right.
  •  I discovered my new favorite salad dressing. Have you heard of Penzey's spices? They have locations across the country but I've been ordering their stuff online since none of them are close to me. They have a Country French Vinaigrette mix my husband and I have been enjoying quite a bit. Definitely worth a look if you're wary of supermarket dressings and looking for a tasty alternative.


  1. I have an answer regarding Google Reader. I did the Feedly browser add-in and I actually really like it. Even more than Google Reader! You can import your google reader blogs and it does the rest.

  2. You just made me realize that I've gotten literally no television-sanctioned news for the past week and a half. I used to watch CNN every morning for the past six years, but now I'm living at my own apartment, where I don't have cable in my bedroom. And local news is just way too local for me. I do not care about the man who gave the girl CPR after she was hit from a falling air conditioner in Bushwick. I just don't.