Monday, April 08, 2013

oh schnits

I'm going to try to make this not be 100% about TV shows. But the reality is I watch entirely too much TV. I read about these youngsters coming up who don't have TVs and just use hulu or some such nonsense and I just am not sure what they're doing with their free time. Reading books?!

  • So Vicki's face is OMG-so-much-more-dramatic than I could have hoped for. I'm speaking of a Real Housewives of Orange County cast member in case you're unaware of the infamous Vicki. She is treading dangerously close to Jocelyn Wildenstein (cat lady) territory here. 
  • I really, really want Gwyneth Paltrow's new book (It's All Good: Delicious Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great) and I don't care who knows. I like the gooper. Why's everyone always so down on her? Does she have Anne-Hathaway-disease and I just never caught on?
  • Have just recently begun watching The Killing and am extraordinarily annoyed by the whole plot and most of the acting. Except one gem: Joel Kinnaman. Who is a Swede. Which makes the accent he does for this show just spectacular. "We want you to play a white American who talks like a black American." "Ja, sure, you betcha." Anyway, Kinnaman is going to be the new RoboCop in 2014 and I think he's a great choice. There's something about him that makes me want to pat him on the head and feed him soup. 
  • In the "cats are weird" column: The other day I caught my cat Simon playing with a bottle of baby aspirin. He'd knocked it off a table at some point and was treating it like a toy. I think it sounded similar to a fuzzy mouse toy he has that jingles.
  • House of Cards = So Good.
  • I had never heard Taylor Swift's "22" (although I have now and may I just say those kids are in for a rude awakening?) but I think this parody, "32," is pretty much spot on. Wine, cheese, and cats is pretty much what my 30s has been all about. 
  • They are remaking Carrie and .... it looks pretty good! 
  • I really hate how they're making the Project Runway contestants be on teams. Here's the thing about teams. No one likes being on a team, and no one wants to watch other people be on a team. It raises my stress level just watching it. 
  • My niece is at such an adorable age (16 months). I had a chance to watch her this morning and the first thing she says is "Oh shit!" I ask my sister, "Did she say 'Oh shit?'" Apparently she's been saying this repeatedly (and she continued to do so several dozen times while I watched her) but the theory is she's trying to say "What's that?" I unfortunately failed to remember to get this on video. Next time!


  1. I had to go look up more pictures of Vicki's face after missing the season premiere. My favourite headline: "From Miss Piggy To Mickey Rourke — Vicki Gunvalson’s Face Can’t Catch A Break!"

    Who hates Gwyneth Paltrow? I thought we had universally agreed to love her after "Sliding Doors".

    You're going to be so much more annoyed by "The Killing"! Just wait!

    Who's going to win "Project Runway"? I know you know.

    1. There's nothing like seeing Vicki's face in action, on the screen. I think the main issue is that in the first episodes she's still really swollen and it looks majorly bizarre.

      Now. Sliding Doors sucked, but still. I've always liked her!

      Just finished the second season of The Killing and am majorly annoyed.

      I WANT Michelle to win PR. She might just do it. But I haven't read any spoilers.

  2. I have to google Vicki's face now.

    1. It needs to be in the swollen post-surgery stage. Major weirdness.

  3. I haven't liked Gwyneth Paltrow SINCE the days of Emma, Sliding Doors and Shakespeare in love. I think she married Chris whats-his-face, became a mother, and then became intolerable.

    1. But I still don't get WHY she's intolerable?!

    2. I think it's the triple threat of smugness, arrogance and privilege. Maybe she doesn't intend to exude that, but she certainly does for some people.

  4. Does anyone else think that Vicki resembles Celine Dion in the chin now?