Monday, March 04, 2013

very fancy

We took a break from Paleo on Saturday night and enjoyed a dinner with friends at Baume in Palo Alto. And actually, aside from dessert and the bread basket, a lot of the food was Paleo-friendly!

I took pictures. I know. I am obnoxious. If it helps, I don't think anyone noticed.

You don't get a menu at Baume, they just show you a list of the ingredients being prepared that evening, and you sort of nod your head and indicate exactly how many vats of wine you would like to pair your courses with.

 Cauliflower foam thing, with carrot puree and mussels (hidden inside).

 Caviar on parsnip puree with parsley paper. My first caviar, and it was delicious.

 62 degree egg with shaved beets. My first 62 degree egg, too. Really good.

 Artichoke soup with "sponge" and salty foam? Yeah I'm not sure what a lot of this was made out of. It was my least favorite dish but my husband really liked it. 

 A palate cleanser. Champagne ice and ... I forget. Something fruity.

 Curried sea bass with spinach and green stuff. Yummy. I forgot to take the picture before I dove in.

 Probably my favorite dish -- filet with celery root puree (I think?). Perfect.

 Fromage course. I loved all cheeses except one -- too goaty. 

Dessert. That is not a real strawberry, believe it or not. There's creme brulee with meringue, fruit with pop rocks, cake. Very good.

 As we left we were given these tubes of chocolate hazelnut mousse. Yum.

Being fancy is fun every now and then.


  1. Or all the time. For every meal. With dessert inexplicably in the middle of it.

    Your strawberry reminded me of this, which is not an everything bagel but ice cream.

    1. Every meal would be rad! What a cool bagel/ice cream! Chefs are so clever these days. I can't get enough of this kind of stuff.

  2. Sounds and looks more like you were flying international First Class.

    It all sounds and looks pretty good. I would have taken the plates home if it were me flying first class, though. But from a restaurant, probably that may have been frowned upon... or arrested.