Tuesday, March 19, 2013

le goings on

bullet points!

  • Realized over the weekend I have never eaten funnel cake. I had the opportunity on Sunday but once again passed it up. I may regret this decision. Actually, I already regret it.
  • Girls, with the ear thing? And Adam and the girl ... I mean. So uncomfortable.
  • Which, actually, cutting your own bangs is a bad idea 98% of the time.
  • I made corned beef over the weekend, and then last night had this corned beef sandwich that was, like, the best sandwich I've had in ... possibly years. Asiago cheese sourdough bread, dijon, mayo, corned beef, lettuce, red onion, heirloom tomato. Get inside of me.
  •  I've been coming slowly to the realization that all of my clothes are The Worst Clothes. 
  • I began watching Top of the Lake last night. Sundance Channel. I think it's gonna be a good one. Unfortunately I don't get it in HD, and I have become quite a large HD snob. But I shall make the sacrifice. Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men (Peggy) is in it. So is Holly Hunter in the weirdest role ever. It's set in New Zealand. I haven't watched the whole thing because I'm gonna do a re-watch with my husband (it's my job to critically analyze all new shows to see if they're worth a watch. Things not worth watching: Vikings and The Following. I'm going to be investigating Bates Motel soon.)
  • Today I am wearing a sweater my sister gave me before she lost some weight. You know what that means. I am wearing someone else's fat clothes.
  •  Babysat my niece on Saturday. My sister and brother-in-law warned me of a wall vent Ava once stuck her finger into and cut herself on. So what does the kid do the second they walk out the door? Tries to stick her finger in the wall vent. I was like: "No. No. No. You know that's a no-no." And she laughed her ass off and kept leaning toward it like: "I'm gonna put my finger in there!" She thought it was hilarious.
  • Paleo is obviously out the window, if you noticed the aforementioned asiago cheese sourdough bread. Life is too short not to enjoy the occasional slice of bread, man.
  • Oh! House of Cards is really good, too. What a fabulous cast. We had to order Netflix streaming just to watch it. 
  • I actually did order some new clothes online. And had a realization afterward that I had, once again, ordered a shirt with cats on it. I am now that woman for whom it is not enough to simply be constantly covered in cat hair, now all my clothes must also have drawings of cats on them.
  • That cat thing will be a nice detail for my obit.


  1. I have a sweater with an orange cat on it. And I have recently adopted an orange cat. So I am right there with you, sister.

  2. -House of Cards. Oh my god. Just finished it two nights ago. Fantastic!
    -WTF? Get back on your Paleo and cosmic shit, yo. One slice of bread does not equal wagon fallingoffedness. Totally a word.
    -Clothes. Who needs 'em? I've slowly come to the realization that I've outgrown Old Navy. Not in size but in age. I just don't get half the crappy sloppy styles they hock.
    - Funnel cake is made with 7% sugar, 13% fat and 80% regret. You're not missing much.

    1. Paleo is for the birds! Lol. No, really, I am still trying to avoid white carbs but being more lenient when it comes to beans and whole grains.
      I HATE Old Navy. This is a fairly recent realization for me. The jeans = awful. You can wear them once and then the ass is too stretched out to wear again. And the rest of their shit just falls apart in a couple weeks.
      Mmmm. Funnel cake ...

  3. WHOA. Wait, WTF. I think I just saw a comment from Mandy_Fish on http://darwinfish2.blogspot.com/2013/03/we-five.html. I DID! Wait, so. I know you through Ellie. But I also apparently know you through Bluz. And I don't think Bluz and Ellie are connected in any way. WHAT IS GOING ON.

    Dying to know what's going to happen to Adam and the girl but haven't watched this week's episode yet. I mean, they have to break up, right? Because Hannah is the only woman in the world sick enough for him. And I say that without judgement.

    Recorded "Top of the Lake" (which is Irish and called "Top o' the Lake" in my head) and "Bates Motel". Haven't watched either yet, because I've been too busy watching "The Skulls". There's a DUEL in it!

    1. The Internet is a small, creepy place. ;)
      Actually, I don't know Bluz. But I suspect many of us know each other through Studio30+. I haven't used it in years, but am happy to have kept up with several bloggers I found through them.
      I'll wait til you watch the next episode of Girls to comment.
      I watched the rest of Top of the Lake last night and I think it's good, but maybe a little slow. I never did see The Skulls, although I am a josh jackson fan.

  4. I'm pretty much with you on the worst clothes part and when it comes to cats, I still port major scratches from a friend's cat I sat for a month in December. Major scratches.

  5. bullet points (also)!
    -I too have never had funnel cake. I wonder if its any good?
    -I tried to watch The Following. Too many flashbacks I think. It has a great premise, but too hard to follow! I really liked the first episode of Bates Motel tho. :)
    -I hate all my clothes too. I'm sorry you were wearing someone else's fat clothes. I've been there too. Its blows. New clothes for EVERYONE!