Monday, March 11, 2013

just things

bullet points!

  • Creepy: How much Lindsay Lohan and Rose McGowan look alike, although Rose looks younger. Sad: Lindsay is 26 and Rose is 39. Crack is whack, yo.
  • I am mad that there's a new show called Vikings and it really sucks. Like so bad. Like almost The Following bad. And The Following really sucks. 
  • Have decided Paleo is from the devil and I hate it. So I quit. Some principles are good, so I'll keep those, but now I am basically doing the Sugar Busters! diet, except with no gluten or dairy. Purportedly.
  • I attend Neighborhood Watch meetings now, in case anyone is interested in the fact that I am 900 years old.
  • I still watch The Following, though. So what does that say about me? Although, I guess you probably already knew I have crappy taste since I watch The Bachelor.
  • Nurse Jackie = So much <3. SHHHH. Just started Season 3.
  • It's possible I watch too much TV.
  • Who do I need to sleep with to get Daylight Savings to die? Permanently?
  • Tell me your thoughts on this. A woman I met recently says she's going to Hawaii and since food is so expensive there, she is going to ship a box of food to herself. She supposedly receives some kind of discount on shipping, but is it possible this ends up being cheaper than a stop at Costco after you get off the airplane? I don't know. I think it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. 
  • But I told her it was very smart. Because I am a liar and I smile and nod so people will be quiet.
  • Although The Following is terrible, Kevin Bacon is still awesomesauce. I forgive him for The Following because Bernie Madoff stole all his money.
  • I also confuse Erika Christensen and Julia Stiles. Kelly Pickler and Carrie Underwood. And loads of other people whose names I don't remember anymore because I am 900 years old now.
  • So glad The Bachelor is ending tonight. This is going to be my final review ever. I hope. Unless someone pays me to do it, in which case I will gladly continue to gripe about those idiots in print. 


  1. When attending the Neighborhood Watch meetings you should show up in a house coat and a red hat.

  2. I'm going to ship a box of food to my office for lunch.

  3. Someone was just telling me last week that food in Hawaii is even more expensive than food in NYC. And we pay approximately twice what I used to pay in Ohio. Although, um, if you're already vacationing in Hawaii, suck it up and don't let your vegetables wilt in the mail.

    I was thinking about how much daylight savings time sucks just this morning. When I was in the gym at 6 a.m. and it was rainy and dark outside. I'm pretty sure that only exists for farmers, right? And how many of them are there left? NOT ENOUGH TO MATTER. I say as the daughter of a farmer.

  4. Daylight savings can kiss my arse. For the last two nights, I've put the baby down for his usual bedtime at 6pm and he wakes up 30 min later - he thinks it's just a 5pm cat nap! Whaaa!? So then he's up until after 7pm. On the flipside, dragging a 3 year old out of bed an hour earlier and convincing her that, while it is pitch black, it is still the same time she needed to wake up as last week. Arg. And for what? Stupid daylight savings. Let's all move to Ariz...crap. I can't even type that without choking and shuddering.