Thursday, February 21, 2013

oh my

There isn't anything to be done about the fact that all I can write nowadays are bullet points.

  • It's the week of the "meet cute." I heard it on a TV show and then read it in a legitimate news article, so in case you were unaware, "meet cute" is a phrase that means: a cute origin story of the way you met your S.O. 
  • I'm not over Downton, you guys. No. It's too cruel. I'm not sure I can watch after this. (Read no further to avoid a spoiler down below.)
  • I went to pick up a new prescription today and the pharmacist looks at the box and then looks at me and says: "Ok, this is for ... " And then he mouths the word "MENOPAUSE" silently. And then I died laughing. 
  • Paleo! It's not for pussies. Nothing I like to gorge on is allowed, which is to say no grains, no dairy, no alcohol, no sugar, no legumes, no .... noooooo! It's not easy. But it works. 
  • Me and my husband's "meet cute" -- we met in a nightclub. We met and we were cute. 
  • For the record, I am not going through menopause. 
  • My dad did not think our "meet cute" was cute. 
  • The Harlem Shake phenomenon is just going to pass me by, and I'm never going to participate, am I?
  • This article was hilarious and describes how I would be as a mother. 
  • This article is long and fascinating and is kind of like a real-life version of one of my favorite TV shows -- Justified
  • Dolphins and whales call each other by their names. Unique whistles and such. Doesn't that make your heart explode just a little?
  • I have a whole slew of nutrition books to review here shortly. It will be known as one of my most fascinating posts. Heh. 
  • I mean, Dan Stevens has single-handedly killed Downton. Am I right?
  • All right. I'm off to plot our next low-carb meal. BTW I have three words for you. Sweet Potato Pancakes. I hate sweet potatoes, and yet I love those pancakes. Do it.


  1. I love bullet points. So concise. I just learned a lot about you right now.

  2. - Mad props for sticking to the Paleo stuff.
    - Do kids even say "Mad Props" any more?
    - Josh wanted to do a family Harlem Shake video but after seeing the Lawerence, Kansas library's video and the video of a washing machine with a brick in it (in the style of Harlem Shake), I think this meme has officially (and quite quickly) jumped the shark.
    - Bring on the book reviews. Preferably one about the cupcake diet.
    - I just made that diet up, but wouldn't it be magical?
    - Sweet potatoes are crazy good. Mad props to sweet potatoes.

    1. I don't think the kids say "mad props" any more, but us old folks sure do. I'm so sad that the Harlem Shake has already jumped the shark. It's really only been popular for like 20 seconds. Stuff gets old so fast on the internet. I WISH there was a cupcake diet. *sob*

  3. -I don't even know what the fuck the Harlem Shake is. I just watched it on YouTube and was very disappointed to find it had nothing to do with the Harlem Globetrotters. Talk about misleading.

    -I've never heard of a "meet cute." I'm beginning to wonder where I've been over the past few months.

    -I'm interested in seeing how your menopause medicine goes. I'm thinking about bugging a doctor myself for it.

    1. what's your meet cute?? C'mon. Everyone's doing it.

  4. I've never heard of meet cute either and I thought I was all over the internets.

    Our meet cute was on

    1. This is officially the first time in the history of my life that I have known something about jargon and/or the internet before other internetty types.

  5. My BFF and I were discussing paleo the other day and how difficult it must be. It's like Atkins without the cheese. What's worth living for if there's no cheese?

  6. This post just inspired me to write my own post. Look for it next week.