Wednesday, November 21, 2012

step 3

I cleaned the house! Murray (who is a cat) helped get the process started by barfing four times, on multiple surfaces, just as I'd sat down to eat a sandwich for lunch. A helpful beast, that one. I did not clean the aforementioned disgusting oven and grease trap. Will have to fit those in today.

Today is all about organizing my recipes, making lists and schedules of things that need to be prepped and cooked today, and prepped and cooked tomorrow.

There are many, many foods to make. I've got eight dishes for dinner, two appetizers, two desserts, and somewhere in there gravy needs to happen. I am a little stressed about the gravy. 

And, most importantly, I must obtain many bottles of wine at some point today. If there's time at the end of the day, I'll go to cardio kickboxing, but in all likelihood I will end up lying on the floor, covered in food spatter, funneling alcohol into my mouth. Priorities.

I'm sure many of you are in the midst of mad preparation, too. Godspeed! 


  1. Gravy is a tricky one. I've never attempted it from scratch because the whole burning-flour thing makes me nervous. Last year, we cheated with the semi-homemade version and bought a Schilling packet for gravy. I don't remember it being delicious OR awful, which means it was probably just fine.

    Also, how is wine last on your to-do list...?

  2. I've got eight dishes for dinner, two appetizers, two desserts...Do you wear a cape, too?