Tuesday, November 06, 2012

civic duty

This morning I walked half a mile to our polling place to drop off my husband's mail-in ballot (we rarely mail them in although I managed to mail mine this year). It was at an elementary school and kids were running around, eyeballing me like "Whose mom is that?" I blame these awful mom jeans I'm always wearing. Plus my big mom hips. I'm always tempted to yell something inappropriate at groups of kids. Like: I'm your worst nightmare! 

I didn't, though.

It was a very quiet polling location, no lines. Just a few elderly people standing in the voting booths. A woman took my envelope and gave me FOUR stickers. So I basically win at voting today.

Then I yelled at her: I'm your worst nightmare! And then ran out of there.

Just kidding. I graciously thanked her and walked back home, where I sat down to a bowl of cereal and spread out my stickers so I could fully admire them.

1 comment:

  1. Hmfh. I didn't even get ONE sticker.

    *Folds arms over chest. Glares.*