Tuesday, October 30, 2012

why i am going to stop eating halloween candy right now

1. If I keep eating it, we will need to buy more. Again.

2. I have successfully tried all of the Halloween candy. It will always taste the same as it did the first time, and definitely never better than it did the first time.

3. Cardio-kickboxing will all be for naught. Unacceptable.

4. Next week's weigh-in. Ugh.

5. Think of the children!

6. Thighs and double-chin -- my two most hated body parts. Candy's best friend.

7. Sugar is poison and it's gonna give me the 'betis. Read this vaguely-related article. Fascinating!

8. There aren't enough Weight Watchers points for all the chocolate my mouth thinks it wants.

9. I am angry with myself in the after-math of a candy binge.

10. So I will fit into clothing I ordered online recently.

11. Halloween is just the harbinger of the holidays. There will be many more food battles to be fought; best not to lose the war early on.

12. Various parties/gatherings I'd rather not wear my fat pants to.

13. Candy isn't even that good. Save calories for something really delicious and homemade.

How's your battle with Halloween candy going? How do you keep yourself from gorging on it?


  1. I buy the crappiest, cheapest candy for this very reason. I don't care if the kids think I'm stingy - they're begging for free candy, they can't be picky. I won't eat because it's not chocolate.

    Yeah for WW! I'm on it too. I'm gonna friend you and send you little "you go girrrrl" tokens and shit.

  2. That is a much better idea than buying your favorite candy, which is what I did. WW is a really good program, but I got thrown during vacation and my birthday. Need to re-focus!!

  3. This is precisely why I do not buy Halloween candy. We just shut off all the lights and sit in the dark, so no children will come looking for candy we don't have. If we have candy, I will eat it, so... no candy for anyone. Sorry kids.

    I also read something last year that basically said that we eat more when we feel like it is something we will only get "once" or during certain times of the year (which totally explains the holiday gorging). I don't have a solution for this yet, but it makes sense. Something in our brains says, "I only get this right now, so I'm going to eat ALL of it" which then leads to food overdose and regret. And fat pants. :)

    1. Aw man ... you're those people! hahahaha... So true about the holiday gorging. I know my brain thought that about Halloween. Oh! Halloween! We only get this once a year! As if I only ate candy once a year. Pshaw.

  4. Well, I don't like chocolate, peanuts, or marshmallow, which makes it pretty easy to avoid most the candies given out each year. However, we DID go to Party City the other day and they had those fruit flavored tootsie rolls on sale- 25 for $1. MY WEAK SPOT. Needless to say, I bought em and ate em.