Monday, August 20, 2012

the pits

So, I don't wear deodorant.

I know.

But smell my pits. Seriously. I tend not to stink. It's one of my few good attributes.

But anyway, just because I don't wear it/need it doesn't mean you don't. And by the way, wouldn't you say you're doing a person a favor if you let them know they have B.O.? Maybe a good way of telling someone they're rank in a polite way is to gift them this deodorant.

My mother tells me Lavanila is the best natural deodorant out there, and she's tried them all. She feels so passionately about it, she wants to be their PR person.

Mom's main concern with non-natural deodorants is that they contain aluminum. Remember all the hullabaloo about how people with Alzheimer's have high levels of aluminum in their brains? Well ... if it runs in your family, why add more aluminum to the body than absolutely necessary?

Besides which, non-natural deodorants have shitty chemicals and hormones (like parabens) in them and that stuff is bad for you, dudes. Last thing you need is to be smearing something weird right near your boobs every day.

Anyway, long story short, if you have smelly pits and you'd like not to while also not possibly giving yourself cancer or Alzheimer's, maybe give this stuff a shot. It's $18 (I know. But not stinking is priceless) and can be purchased on Amazon or from Sephora. Godspeed!

(No one paid me for this or knows I'm writing this. My mom simply seemed so passionate about it, I felt it'd be negligent not to share.)


  1. I am here for you, people!



    P.S. smells good too

    1. Now I just need you to field questions, like Katie's below. :)

  2. I'm totally trying this. I've been trying all sorts of alternative deoderants for a few years now. I'm currently using the crystal which does the job - but the problem is - everything irritates my under arms! How is this with shaving? Shaving definitely worsens the irritation, but even when I don't (and I've tried not to), I'm itching like crazy. Just want you want to be doing - scratching your armpits all the time!

    Look, I'm reading your blog! It's a miracle!

    1. Hi Katie,
      This stuff goes on cool and is so soothing. One of it's claims is that the natural ingredients actually help heal irritated skin. Just make sure your skin is dry when you put it on.
      Hope it works!

  3. that's exactly what i use and have been using for the past year or so. worth every penny. your mom knows whats up!

  4. My pits stink. I'm going to give it a shot.