Friday, August 10, 2012

'round here

I've got a backlog of pictures to show you. They're all off my phone, and some have already been seen on instagram (follow me on instagram if you like. I'm zeromusings. Link's on the sidebar --->).


 Simon, in his tent.

 So I take a lot of vitamins these days. 

I feed all the hummingbirds in the 'hood. This thing's like a 24/7 cafeteria.

 My niece. Cuteness kills.

 So I started going to cardio kickboxing. 
I really hate it. 
But my bff Christina goes, too, so I keep going. 
There is never a day I don't think I might die during the class.

 Tent fort.

 It hurts my cold, black heart when they cuddle like this.

 All stretched out. 

 Speaking of Christina, she had this wacky idea that we should strew love notes around town. 
So we did.

 My little man. 

 Breakfast lately. I'm trying a new diet. Will let you know if it seems reasonably successful. 

Boob jiggle is a problem in cardio kickboxing. Just sayin'.


  1. i would sorta die if my two cats snuggled together. (cleo hisses and growls at pete since the day we brought him home)

    and so jealous of your hummer feeder! i tried that and it just got attacked by ants constantly.

    1. these guys are brothers and we've had them both since day 1 so they get along fairly well. They do fight sometimes though. :)

      so far so good on the feeder! no ants yet (fingers crossed).

  2. Dude. A friend gave me one of those bras when I took up running, and I honestly do not think I would have been able to do a half marathon without it. Amazing.

    Also, is this diet different than the low-carb thing you were talking about recently?

    1. That's a good recommendation! I was wondering if it actually worked ...

      This is a different diet -- the Eat-Clean Diet. Book by Tosca Reno. You eat six times a day, a combo of protein and complex carbs. The jury's still out.

    2. I've been seeing people talk about clean eating. I'm not sure how much different it is from the way I try to eat anyway ... not that I've looked at the book. They don't have it at my library and I'm not going to buy it.

    3. It's probably really similar to what you're already doing, although it's very low-fat, so only lean meats and rarely any cheese, which is sad.

  3. I love a bra description that just comes out and says "it ain't pretty".

    Wasn't my first comment ever on this blog something about how you should post more cat photos? Victory.

    1. Seriously, because it's so not pretty. I respect that.

      Anytime I'm emptying my phone of pics, it's full of cats. :)