Thursday, June 14, 2012


  • I only wish I'd watched "The Wire" as it was released, in real time. But then I wonder if I would have appreciated it the way I should have. Ten years ago I was 23, and ten years ago, the first season of "The Wire" premiered on HBO. I was going into debt to pay for groceries, so understandably did not have HBO.
  • Ava is 6 months old today. Here's a reminder of how much she's changed...

  • I slept through the night without coughing. It was a Christmas miracle in June. 
  •  I never did make it to the grocery store yesterday. I slipped into a Robitussin-induced coma and had dreams about walking on the moon.
  • Guess what this is. 

  •   They teach classes on "The Wire" at Duke and Harvard universities. And I totally get that. 

  • Cats

  •  Fortune

  • Arachnoquake. Of course.


  1. That thing in your left hand looks like a Nobel Prize in Literature. Could be right.

  2. I loved The Wire. I too watched it all just last year. Try "Breakout Kings". That's where Domenick Lombardozzi went after The Wire.
    I found your blog when I googled "Kalon is Gay".

    1. I'll give Breakout Kings a shot. What really depresses me is how little Dominic West has been in since then. I mean, he was in some shitty-looking movie called The Devil's Whore after being The Wire. WTF? Oh, and Kalon is totally gay (not that there's anything wrong with that). My work here is done.

    2. Correction: The Devil's Whore was a miniseries of some kind. Who knows, maybe it was awesome.

  3. I tried giving 'The Hour' a shot since West was in that but how weird is it watching him use his native British accent? 'The Wire' was a real stretch for him and he was great. I didn't latch on to 'The Hour' but I might give it another try. I live in Japan now so I'm in need of more shows to get hooked on(for the weeknights, I'm not sitting at home ALL THE TIME in this amazing country).
    As for Kalon, he reminded me of Brian the dog on Family Guy who went on a spoof of Bachelorette just to prove it was all fake. Kalon, even though he was gay (not that there's anything wrong with that), though he could win no problem since he's smarter than everyone else. His mother told him so just before leaving him home while she went on another 'date'.

  4. I hate The Wire. I know, I'm the worst white person ever. But there's a class about it at UM-St. Louis, and it's supposedly pretty cool. I will never take it, despite being FB friends with the professor (who is an awesome fella).