Saturday, June 02, 2012

The new Sex and the City

Since I've been thinking about it ...


Miranda. Even though she works in an art gallery, she is NOT Charlotte.



Thoughts? Questions?


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    1. *sigh*

      They are in an HBO show called "Girls."

    2. Sorry, no HBO. These girls don't dress very well, and most of them need an eyebrow wax. JK. :)

    3. :O Big eyebrows are in right now! And I think they're, like, boho chic or something. hahahahaha...

    4. Well, Amen to minimal waxing. I have no eyebrows, so maybe I'm just jealous.

  2. I've only seen one episode, but I want to have access to ALL OF THEM. Feel free to send me the info to log in to your HBO account online. Ahem.

    That said, whether or not the characters work, I think it's super fascinating to think about what the correlation means for this era vs. that era. I mean, major differences include: The Great Recession, the ages of the main characters (right? the SaTC ladies were older when the series began, I hope ...)

    Anyway, I really need to get my hands on some HBO so I can discuss this show forever and ever like everyone else I know.

    Bah. There are very few times I am sad I don't have TV. But this show and Mad Men make me cry.

    1. Yes -- someone should write an in-depth paper on it! The SATC ladies were in their 30s so that right there is a big difference. These girls are fresh out of college, so way different perspective on dating in NY.

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