Thursday, June 07, 2012

Getting my fix

Suddenly my love/hate relationship with Facebook and my compulsion to check it multiple times a day is making more sense ....

A researcher suggests there exists such a thing as Facebook addiction.

Questions to ask yourself to discover whether you're addicted, too:

How often in the last year have you ....

  • spent a lot of time thinking about Facebook or planned use of Facebook?
  • used Facebook in order to forget about personal problems?
  • felt an urge to use Facebook more and more?
  • become restless or troubled if you have been prohibited from using Facebook?
  • used Facebook so much that it has had a negative impact on your job/studies?
  • tried to cut down on the use of Facebook without success?
I do believe I'm hooked.


  1. I've been obsessing about Facebook too. I actually feel like it gives me something to do during down-time, and keeps me up-to-date on what others are doing, reading, etc including current events.

    So far, I've opened my network to people who I've met that I may want to stay connected with for whatever reason (social connection, business/friendly connection, musicians, etc). But, I know everyone personally.

    I'm am always serverly disappointed with what my "friends" do, think, and are eager to show on Facebook. For example, this election season has been really interesting. . . Not just people with opinions, but actual crazy people who believe things that just aren't true. Next, I have friends who I know for a fact are living an alternate life on Facebook. Finally, I've seen a few posts that make me want to shake the shit out of people, or warn them that FB is NOT private, like these gems:

    "Does anyone know someone in Canada who would help me bring my friend here from Cuba?"

    "Is it cheaper to hire a divorce lawyer or a lawyer for first-degree murder?"

    Are we one of them? I saw a bumpersticker recently that said, "You are not what you own." It should be, "You are not what you are on Facebook?" Or are we?


  2. I worry about my sister and Facebook. She talks about her FB "friends" more than people she sees every day. Weird.

  3. This post is the most positive press Facebook has received in quite some time.