Monday, June 04, 2012

Alessandro. Or: Vampires, obvi

Do not ask me how this particular scene from last week's The Bachelorette made it to the cutting room floor. I mean, 95% of that episode was just me yawning. Bring up vampires and crosses and I perk right up, dude.

So, to read a bit more about how Alessandro believes he is a medium who needed to create a safe place in the woods as a haven from vampires in the house, and to watch the clip GO HERE.

Also, major props to Emily, once again. She showed major tact, whereas were I the Bachelorette, I'd just turn to the producer and be like: Are you fucking kidding me?

Recap on tonight's episode coming tomorrow ...


  1. There is nothing to say except: what the fuck!? That had to be staged or something, right? No one really makes crosses out of twigs and sits in the woods with candles when they have free rent, free booze and no job. Wasted opportunities.

    1. If I had one guess, I'd say he did that for the attention. Most of the dudes on that show have something to promote. God knows what Alessandro is promoting. Gypsies?

  2. I'm SO glad I went back and combed through your previous posts. This is gold. He is insane.