Monday, May 21, 2012


I didn't get jack crap photographed when it came to the eclipse yesterday. I did take a few dozen photos of what simply appear to be the sun. There's no amount of fiddling with editing that's going to reveal a moon in front of the sun, unfortunately. If I'd been a good girl and studied my camera book, I might have been able to capture something but ...

Here are a few phone photos.

 You can sort of see the eclipse in a small reflection ... 

 I'm actually sort of loving this photo I edited beyond recognition. 

 Shadows grew long.... 

 ... and created crescent shadows. So very cool. 

A few photos with my real camera -- no better, really:

 Although, again, I'm sort of loving it. 

 Yeah. Not so much.

 Crescent shadows again. Just extremely cool.

My brother-in-law knows how to take photos, if you'd like to see some actual eclipse pictures. Visit him here.


  1. What? I don't understand how the crescent shadows happened ... so weird.

    Stupid east coast.