Friday, May 04, 2012

Phone photos

I've been hoarding phone photos for no particular reason. I figured since I'm a bit blocked at the moment, I'd let the pictures speak for me.

Ava and The Ball. Sitting up is a new-ish thing.

 Murray and the beloved, disgusting towel that our cats fight over. 
Never mind the other forty-two cat-specific things we've purchased for them to sit on. 

 Ava loungin'.

 Another beloved and much fought-over spot in the window. 

 My great aunt's grave has a view of downtown LA.

 Again with the putrid towel. 

 A sunset this week, from my backyard. Isn't that gorgeous?

1 comment:

  1. That towel thing makes me laugh. My mom made a cat bed out of a cardboard box and a piece of old fake-sheep fabric. That thing is so old and gross it looks like the cat's been sleeping on a homeless Rastafari's dreadlocks.

    The cat totally looooves it.