Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hypochondriacs like me should be eating iodized salt.* Iodine is an essential nutrient, and we mainly get it from iodized salt. Deficiencies result in thyroid issues. 
Other sources of iodine: Seafood, kelp, dairy. I'd been buying kosher salt, which is not iodized. 

I've been making roast chicken lately. It's so handy for leftovers. This recipe is so simple. 
I tried to link to it but the Everyday Food sight SUCKS. 
Salt the whole chicken generously. If you want to use herbs, shove some in the cavity and underneath. Tie the legs together with whatever you have handy that won't burn your house down. Roast at 450 for 12 minutes per pound. Perfect every time. If you want to roast veggies with it, toss them with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and throw them on the pan with the chicken. 
Voila. Dinner.

 Still eating my farty brown rice cereal with fruit and almond milk. 

 My first snake braid, ever. The internet is so clever. Anyway, this wasn't the most impressive snake braid I've ever seen, but I was darn happy with it once I'd figured it out. 

 King Ranch tostadas, made using leftover chicken. These things are the bomb. 

I finally learned how to make a proper omelet, and now I can't stop making them. 
That above is a ham, cheese, and scallion omelet. 
I forget where I learned it, but here's how I do it: Sautee whatever you want in your omelet in some butter until it's reached your desired done-ness. Transfer to a bowl. Pop some more butter in the pan, throw in some scrambled eggs (I mix in a little salt, pepper, and milk), use a spatula to lift the sides and allow the uncooked parts to get underneath. 
When the eggs seem pretty much done with maybe just a little tiny bit of juiciness on top, throw your omelet filler on top (don't forget cheese), and then use your spatula to fold it over.

Maybe I should try taking photos of non-food related stuff...

*See Mandy's comment below before going hog wild! 


  1. oh didnt you know that i have "lately" copyrighted? haha jk.

    i recently switched from iodized salt to kosher salt!! i read some piece by chef thomas keller and poof, i was converted. funny.

    all the food you've been making looks so tasty and im SO jealous of that braid. im too lazy to try something like that.

    1. It's a little embarrassing ... I read something I like, and then eventually I think my brain thinks, Oh, that belongs to me. :)

      I really love kosher salt. I wonder if I can find an iodized one ...

  2. My endocrinologist told me that it can be dangerous for people with autoimmune diseases to try and take extra iodine. It can actually encourage your body to attack your thyroid even more. So don't go too crazy.

    1. Yikes! I won't go nuts. Actually, sounds like I need to do some googling.

  3. Love! Love! Love! Roasted chicken is one of our staples as well.

    1. It's the bomb. I think I'm gonna make broth with the carcass this time.

  4. My favorite egg breakfast is to take crusty bread, line it with thin strips of brie and toast it. Fry up a couple of eggs with the usual seasonings. BAM! You got yourself a tasty egg sandwich. Yum!