Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nothing in particular

What happens to carrots when they're in the fridge just a liiiiiittle too long. I know. I'm sorry.

 King of an interesting meal by Martha. The husband says it was good. I ate it but still can't taste anything since I contracted the plague. It's a polenta, italian sausage, and artichoke thingy. 
Recipe here.

 I call this Cat in Repose. True story about that wall -- there's no art on it because it's too flimsy. Needs to be demo'd and re-sheetrocked. Project for this summer.
Also, dark couch + long-haired cat = excellent idea, obv. 

 A crazy cheesy shells thing I made over the weekend that everyone loved. It is really over the top with cheese, dudes. From a cookbook called Perfect One Dish Dinners, by Pam Anderson (not that Pam Anderson). There're plenty of bloggers out there who've made this and posted the recipe but I'll post it here if you want me to. It's called Shells and Cheese for Everyone.

 Tequila lime chicken by the Barefoot Contessa -- really good marinade. Recipe here. Also her string beans & shallots -- very tasty. My first time blanching any vegetable. Recipe here.

 My little buddy, Murray.

 Fresh squeezed orange juice during the plague.

 We were very fancy one evening and went to a yacht club for an engagement party. 

 The hydrangeas are blooming! The hydrangeas are blooming!

Just call her Bam Bam. Wearing a top o' the head ponytail at 5 months. New development -- her hair has begun to fall out!! My guess -- it's going to grow back in blonde. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Bachelorette, Ep. 3 -- Who's gonna be mah baby daddy?

So, before I launch into my recap, two things:

1. I am much more impressed with Emily than I expected to be. She doesn't tolerate bullshit, and she's uncompromising about getting what she wants and needs from the man she chooses. So far.

2. This season is hella boring.

Moving right along.

Chris gets the first one-on-one date. They climb a wall, eat dinner, and listen to another country band I've never heard of. She keeps telling him how cute he is and how there's no one she'd rather be there with. 

She also finds out he's only 25, which is worrisome to her. 
Rightly so. Not too many 25-year-olds are ready to be a daddy to a 7-year-old.

 But, he says: "I know I'm young ... But I'm a man." Which I kinda liked. 
And she must've, too, because she gave him the first kiss of the season. 
He gets the date rose and gets to stick around for a little while.

 Emily headed toward her group date. I really hated this outfit. 

A bunch of Emily's mommy-friends teamed up and grilled the men, who were all super nervous.

 Jef. Unfortunately, I think my top choice is sliding. 
He really needs to put the moves on her if he's going to hang around. 

 New big contender: Sean. 
Here he's charming Emily's snarky friend, Wendy, just before he takes off his shirt and does pushups. 
He ends up getting the group date rose.

Then a bunch of kids run in and the men play with them in what amounts to the Worst. Date. Ever. Ryan, who is a douche, tells Emily he wouldn't be OK with it if she got fat. Even if it's true, YOU NEVER SAY IT, idiot! 

 Doug emerges as one of Emily's friends' favorites. He tells Emily about how his mom was a deadbeat who abandoned the family, and his dad died, leaving he and his sister to foster care. 
Aw geez, Doug!! I totally love this guy.

 Then Tony is a big crybaby because he misses his son, so Emily sends him home. 

 And Michael and Jef look a little too close for comfort. 

Next up is a one-on-one date with Arie, who I still think is a nice guy but seriously dude, another race car driver? I just am not sure it's a good idea ...

 Also, not a huge fan of what's going on on top of his head. 

Emily says: "I've built Arie up in my mind so much that I really hope he doesn't disappoint me." She's got high hopes for this one.

 They go to Dollywood and Dolly Parton surprises them and sings them a sweet song she wrote just for them. 
Emily almost poops her pants. 
I would have bawled like a baby; I inexplicably adore Dolly Parton. 

 Emily pretends she's going to cut Arie and he looks flabbergasted. But then she gives him the rose. Har, har. Yawwwwwn.

 And then Arie gets the second kiss of the season and it is WAY hotter than the kiss with Chris. 

We now think Arie is going to win this thing. Just a hunch. I swear I am not reading spoilers.

Now it's time for the cocktail party and rose ceremony.

 Aaaaand Kalon is still uber gay. Here he's doing his "girlfriend, Imma ignore you for a while, but totes JK," move while showing wayyyy too much ankle. A Dallas native who doesn't wear sock with his loafers? We also think he's had lip injections. 
Then he proceeds to talk over her for a while, and when she tries to get a word in edgewise he says: "I love it when you talk but I wish you'd let me finish."

 The phrase "open mouth, insert foot" was coined for the likes of Alessandro, who calls Little Ricki a "compromise." Emily says she wants the man she chooses to see Ricki as "the biggest bonus ever" and Alessandro says he doesn't see it that way. He also admitted to her friends that he'd cheated (on his cousin. Yes, he was dating his cousin), and had a one-night-stand. 

Emily doesn't even wait for the rose ceremony; she sends him packing immediately, much to his shock.

Arie swoops in to comfort her, and slip her the tongue, and then Sean swings by and mouths all the right things about being a father, which she eats right up before engaging in a lackluster liplock.


Poor little Stevie gets eliminated and looks kind of upset about it. 
Personally I think she should have eliminated that bitch, Kalon, or that dickhead, Ryan, but I suppose the producers asked her to keep them around for shits and giggles. 

Other stuff:

- Jef was called first in the rose ceremony. There may be hope for him, yet.
- Who is Nate? Just wonderin'.
- John, aka "Wolf," was a bit unconvincing when he said "no" after Emily's friends asked if he'd ever cheated.
- Ryan called Arie "dainty." This coming from a man who spends god knows how much time perfecting that perpetual 5 o'clock shadow and jacked up hairdo.
- Next time they're going to Bermuda. See you then.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hypochondriacs like me should be eating iodized salt.* Iodine is an essential nutrient, and we mainly get it from iodized salt. Deficiencies result in thyroid issues. 
Other sources of iodine: Seafood, kelp, dairy. I'd been buying kosher salt, which is not iodized. 

I've been making roast chicken lately. It's so handy for leftovers. This recipe is so simple. 
I tried to link to it but the Everyday Food sight SUCKS. 
Salt the whole chicken generously. If you want to use herbs, shove some in the cavity and underneath. Tie the legs together with whatever you have handy that won't burn your house down. Roast at 450 for 12 minutes per pound. Perfect every time. If you want to roast veggies with it, toss them with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and throw them on the pan with the chicken. 
Voila. Dinner.

 Still eating my farty brown rice cereal with fruit and almond milk. 

 My first snake braid, ever. The internet is so clever. Anyway, this wasn't the most impressive snake braid I've ever seen, but I was darn happy with it once I'd figured it out. 

 King Ranch tostadas, made using leftover chicken. These things are the bomb. 

I finally learned how to make a proper omelet, and now I can't stop making them. 
That above is a ham, cheese, and scallion omelet. 
I forget where I learned it, but here's how I do it: Sautee whatever you want in your omelet in some butter until it's reached your desired done-ness. Transfer to a bowl. Pop some more butter in the pan, throw in some scrambled eggs (I mix in a little salt, pepper, and milk), use a spatula to lift the sides and allow the uncooked parts to get underneath. 
When the eggs seem pretty much done with maybe just a little tiny bit of juiciness on top, throw your omelet filler on top (don't forget cheese), and then use your spatula to fold it over.

Maybe I should try taking photos of non-food related stuff...

*See Mandy's comment below before going hog wild! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Bachelorette, Ep. 2: Yawn

What could be more entertaining than reading a Bachelorette recap two days after it airs? Heh. Well, I can watch only so much TV, and Monday night I had a Game of Thrones episode burning a hole in my Tivo. I'm glad I went with GoT, because phew! All of these manners and polite young men are not making for very interesting television, ya'll.

First up we had the first one-on-one date, with Ryan. Emily had him unloading groceries and baking cookies, during which he proclaimed to be loving every moment, all the while with a dead-eyed stare. Maybe he's botoxed?

We thought this was a clever date idea on Emily's part; she wants to see how the men do during mundane, everyday tasks, since she's a mom and is going to have to settle back into real life pretty quickly once the show's over. We wonder how Brad handled the mundane? Hmmm.

Anyway Ryan handled it all right, I guess? I wasn't super impressed.

Also not impressive: Ryan's Kate Gosselin hairdo. I'm not lovin' it, dude.

Then they went out for dinner and to listen to some band I'd never heard of while they danced on a small stage and about 400 people stared at them. Which is basically my worst nightmare.

But she was wearing sweet shoes. In fact, her footwear may be the most exciting part of this show.

Next up it's time for the group date. Stevie shows up looking like a member of a boy band, and the rest of these douches are doing a fair job of feigning interest.

The deal is they have to put on a show with the Muppets, which is really cute and Emily's daughter loves it, yada yada. Charlie (not shown) freaks because he's chosen for standup comedy and he's worried his speech won't be up to par since he apparently hasn't fully recovered from his balcony accident. If this is the case, why precisely did he choose to go on this show? 

 Little Ricki and Emily's mom

 Then Emily gushes all over Jef, who is still, by the way, my top pick! Even though he seems to have lost some of the cool factor. He seemed about -1,497% less confident this time around. Still, he gets the date rose, and he didn't do a single thing to get it. She just likes him, I tell ya.

 Shoe porn during the group date.

 Kalon on the group date. 

So, listen. I'm going to say something we're all thinking, and I don't want you to get your panties in a bunch about it. Kalon is gay, you guys. Like, super, uber duper gay. Which is fine. Except he's on The Bachelorette, acting like a douche. Am I right, or am I right?

Next up is our second one-on-one date with Joe. Imma make this short and sweet: They fly to West Virginia to go to some resort, they swim, have dinner, put a note in a "love clock," and then she kicks his ass to the curb, even though she thinks he's adorable and looks like Matthew McConaughey. I guess I see it a little.

My only issue with the date with Joe is this: Why have him write a note for the love clock if you know you're going to eliminate his ass in about five minutes? Just to ensure maximum humiliation? Meh.

In all fairness, she asked him where he saw himself in five years, and couldn't get him to answer much beyond: "Happy." What does that even mean?!

Then it's time for the cocktail party.


1. Ryan. Shit, man. Seven pages? That's stalker territory. 
2. Emily. For godssakes. Tell him you'll read it later. 
3. Tony. Stand outside for a few minutes ya weirdo!!

Anyway, I'm glad at least Tony got to tell her about his 5-year-old son, otherwise I'm not sure how much longer he'd have stuck around. 

We have our rose ceremony and Aaron and Kyle are eliminated. 

 Kyle. Yeah, I forgot about him, too. 

I vaguely remember this dude from the first night. Anyway, those specs gots to go. 
I think he's trying to pull a Reid, here, but Reid (Jillian's season) just looks way hotter.

A couple more items of note:

I'm liking the looks of this fellow. Alejandro, I believe it is. Mushroom farmer from SF. His hair's a little too long in the back, but that's what scissors are for. Anyway, I'm hoping he's going to be a dark horse, but I'm not placing any bets on it.

 This dude got to stick around. I have no idea who this guy is.


- Kalon's name was called first during the rose ceremony. Methinks someone's gaydar is off.
- Arie's name was called second, and previews show her making out with him in future episodes. I still think it's a bad idea, him being a racecar driver.
- Michael -- the dude with the long ass ponytail -- was called third. At this point I have no idea what the hell is going on.
- There's also footage of Emily tossing the ostrich egg onto the pavement in a future episode. I don't even remember who brought that dumbass thing.
- Yawn.

Monday, May 21, 2012


I didn't get jack crap photographed when it came to the eclipse yesterday. I did take a few dozen photos of what simply appear to be the sun. There's no amount of fiddling with editing that's going to reveal a moon in front of the sun, unfortunately. If I'd been a good girl and studied my camera book, I might have been able to capture something but ...

Here are a few phone photos.

 You can sort of see the eclipse in a small reflection ... 

 I'm actually sort of loving this photo I edited beyond recognition. 

 Shadows grew long.... 

 ... and created crescent shadows. So very cool. 

A few photos with my real camera -- no better, really:

 Although, again, I'm sort of loving it. 

 Yeah. Not so much.

 Crescent shadows again. Just extremely cool.

My brother-in-law knows how to take photos, if you'd like to see some actual eclipse pictures. Visit him here.