Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Dove's nest

 Guess what that is? 

 It's a nest, of course. On top of our electrical box in the backyard. Perhaps 7 feet off the ground. 

 Do you see it? 

 That's Katniss. Or Peeta. Not sure which one. I named the mourning doves Katniss and Peeta. 

By the way, I saw The Hunger Games over the weekend. They nailed it! It was great.

 Katniss would sit on the nest and Peeta brought her branches to build it with. 

She laid an egg some time yesterday. And then this morning, as I sat in my family room and watched, a crow swooped in and grabbed the egg. One of the doves chased it, but it was too late, of course.

I was so pissed. 

Now neither of them are sitting on the nest. I'm not sure if they'll abandon it.

It's admittedly not in the safest place. A little too exposed. I'll stay on the case and keep you informed.


  1. There are three spots that we've had birds build nests. The cow's skull and my bicycle helmet were fairly safe. The space in the eaves of the porch often leads to a sad outcome.

  2. Awe that's so sad. :( My parents had doves come to their house and build nests in the same spot several years in a row when I was a teenager. The afternoon I was getting ready for the prom, my dad found one of the chicks wet and dirty, laying near a sprinkler. In my prom dress, I helped him clean her off and give her sugar water before he took her back outside and put her in the nest. She recovered and that was the highlight of my prom night.

    I hope your doves return!

  3. I HATE crows! But I love mourning doves. They stink at nest building however.

  4. Aw. Poor little birds. Nasty crow. Isn't it amazing how nature can occur right in the midst of all our human construction? Where there's a will there's a way...

  5. Fucking blackbirds. Almost as bad as cockroaches.

  6. What an asshole crow.

    The doves' names made me smile; I hope they return. BTW, I give the movie a B-.