Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Bachelor, Ep. 7: Kill Shot

This is going to be brief because 1. The baby is going to scream any second. 2. This season has begun to bore the eff out of me.

My severe dislike of Ben grows evermore.

 Some men should not wear tank tops. Ben is one of those men. This isn't helping the caveman thing.

This looks like he's wearing underwear for a 1-on-1. Classy. He doesn't think he needs to put any effort into his appearance because he is just that much of a catch.

Satan cries. Who knew it was possible? Courtney is the only entertaining thing left on this show and she is pure evil. She says she's not sure about Ben any more because he hasn't taken her on a 1-on-1 date in a while. Hey: Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? My grandma wanted me to ask you that.

 Lindzi on her 1-on-1. Someone help this woman with her hair. For the love of God.

Ben says he is falling in love with her. This is a big clue. Also, he says "When I'm with Lindzi there's nothing we can't accomplish together." Which he has said about EVERY. SINGLE. OTHER. GIRL.

Emily, who's totes cute in her bikini. She's way too good for him, and luckily he sends her home so she can date someone who's not a douche.

Why in hells bells would you allow a camera crew to film you shaving your bikini line and armpits?!?!?!?!

 Rachel. Adieu!

 Nicki. I have nothing to say about her.

 Kacie. Courtney calls her a little girl in a little boy's body. Harsh. Yet funny.

 Courtney. Ben telling her he wants to meet her family is another big clue. As is him saying he had a "moment of clarity" and that he "saw a future with her." She says she has lots of guy friends, but not so much girl friends. WARNING! WARNING! This is a red flag.

 By the way, please watch the following video if you haven't already.

LINDZI. THE 1980s CALLED AND IT WANTS ITS WET & WILD FLESH-COLORED LIPSTICK BACK. Someone please help this woman with her makeup.

Evil begets evil.

The final four women who will be having hometown dates are Nicki, Kacie, Lindzi, and Courtney. 



  1. i totally totally dont know what "there's nothing we can't accomplish together" MEANS. its like, you are on a date, drinking and having fun. stop saying that dumb phrase, it means nothing.

    lindzi is confused by 80s/90s makeup/hair choices because there is a Z in her name, methinks.

  2. Ben gets more average as the show progresses. So boring, the only thing you can say is he 'seems' nice-ish. I suppose.

    I had a moment of thinking maybe Courtney is just socially awkward and not evil at all. But then it passed when she once again used her baby talk and slyness to get Ben to do exactly as she wants, all while shooting rude remarks at the other girls.

    If it weren't for you Bachelor blogger types I wouldn't have been able to stick with it this season. I need more than Ben's bad hair and crazy wardrobe choices to get me through this! So I don't know whether to thank you for keeping me watching or not! ;)

    Have fun with your child care adventures.

  3. I have a horrible, sinking feeling that Satan might triumph in this one. Ben is just too, too dumb.

  4. Holly - YES. It's a meaningless thing to say. He is full of dumb phrases like that. I don't think he's genuinely interested in any of these chicks. And HAHAHAHAHA re: Lindzi :)

    Mandy - I know right? LOVE.

    Anon - Amen. He's so boring and doesn't seem like he's "there for the right reasons," to use a Bachelor-esque cliche. I have to agree that it's the people of the Internet that keep me watching this show. Talking crap is 99% of the fun.

    V - WORD.