Monday, January 16, 2012

What the cool kids are drinking

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Add Philz Coffee to the list of shops that intimidate the everloving shit out of me. And, by the way, is it just me? There's something about a nearly illegible sign written in chalk and a surly, tattooed, pierced and lobe-stretched coffee-house employee that sends shivers of fear up my spine.

TANGENT: I once made a remark about how Starbucks used to intimidate me and a woman I know just didn't understand why. It is truly magnificent that she walks around with as much confidence as she does on a daily basis. I basically quake in fright at all new experiences, OK?

Moving right along.

Philz is kind of worth braving, if you live near-ish to one. If you're a coffee person, you just have to try it out (get the anesthesia). And they also sell the beans at Whole Foods (try the ambrosia), so now I never need to go in the shop and try to act like I'm not the most awkward person who's walked in there in a month. Happy caffeinating!

P.S. They have shops in SF, San Jose, Palo Alto, and Berkeley.

Also: I was not paid for this. No one pays me for anything. Ever.

And: Catprick introduced my husband and I to Philz. Thank you, Catprick.


  1. I would go, but someone would have to hold my hand. There's a coffee joint in San Jose, on Lawrence and Stevens Creek, right next to Harbor Freight, that served me the single best coffee I have ever had. Ever. But, the experience was so torturous and made me feel so lame, I don't think I'll ever go back. I can say this easily because I live in tiny Coos Bay and when I come down on my bi-monthly visits, I am usually so pressed for time that I can't go across town just for coffee. My husband would perish on the spot. But still, the memory haunts me!

  2. On a related note: if, when out to dinner, you see some strange lady eyeballing you and whispering frantically to her husband, it's probably me. I KNOW I'll never run into you when I'm in town, but sometimes, I practice in my head- just in case :) Is that too weird??

  3. mcaldera - Seriously -- I think I need emotional support to go in this coffee shop. I think you must have been in barefoot coffee? That's a good one, too! Also: I have NEVER been recognized by a reader. Well, if I have, they've never said anything, hahaha... Be warned, though: I have an impostor doppelganger out there who's said to look just like me. :)

  4. I have a hint for you: take in a baby or toddler and that distracts everyone from the fact that you are a lame, totally unskilled coffee/tea drinker. Better yet, make sure you have some baby "ick" somewhere on you and they'll pity you and cut you some slack. Borrow your niece. Or better yet, take your sister with you and pass the baby around....BETTER YET: you can totally make a mess and the kid gets blamed. ;)

  5. oh lord. i know. i wanted to go here, because, hence your title, duh. but i heard you have to answer all these questions and im like, GAHH no way!!

  6. Who's this "catprick" character you keep writing about... Rather unfortunate name if you ask me!

  7. mindy - good tip, haha

    Holly - I know. It's terrifying! My husband says he sometimes goes in and asks the "barista" or whatever they're called to make him their favorite drink.

    Catprick - I know it's you!!

  8. I always just order my normal large carmel latte, wherever I go. Partially, it's because I hate saying that I want a Venti, Tall or Grande anything, and I hate when the sign just doesn't say what it is supposed to say.


  9. Not the biggest fan of Philz coffee. Is it just me? I much prefer Blue Bottle.

  10. Just about any coffee shop that has more than 3 drinks on their menu gives me immediate and intense anxiety.

    I mean, really, how am I supposed to know what any of these will taste like? Hnnnghhh...