Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend revelry & recovery

I was a good little San Josean this weekend and spent time supporting local businesses with some good friends.

One of those businesses was Vino Vino, a casual wine bar that has wine on tap (!), and is part of the new San Pedro Square Market development that opened late last year. There are TONS of very yummy-looking little eateries in the market and I read that they're going to start a farmer's market in April.

We ordered several carafes of wine, tried out the meat and cheese plates, and gobbled up these simple and delicious smoked salmon crostinis.

I believe this is just french bread (or sourdough) with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and a dab of pesto on top. Drool.

I thought I was not a Nutella fan, and I admit I was wrong.

We ordered a sandwich that had nutella, peanut butter and bananas on it, and it was the bomb. Our server said it's one of their most popular menu items. The salad that comes with it has a really tasty balsamic dressing, too.

I will be trying to replicate this at home.

Sunday was all about recovery. One thing about our friends, Catprick & Meagan -- I tend to overindulge when I am with them. Catprick pours with a heavy hand.


  1. I didn't know you were from San Jose. I've actually been there! My bro-in-law lives there too.

  2. Overindulging must have been what made me see Captain Morgan where you typed Catprick & Meagan. :)

  3. this looks like my kinda weekend eatin'

    also, im dying. i need your bach re-cap!!! the dark horse :(

  4. Sunday was rough... what is it about the four of us?!? Had a great time, though... although I think we could have stopped after Vino Vino! ;)