Thursday, January 26, 2012

Firepot soup

I really love when a recipe ends up tasting like something delicious that you've eaten in a restaurant before.

I've had this Thai soup in one form or another in a variety of different Thai restaurants, since it's often served before a meal. I was completely thrilled that this recipe ended up tasting extraordinarily close to the restaurant version. But what made it better, in my opinion, is that this version is heartier. You can put shrimp, chicken, or tofu in it, and serve it over rice, and it's just the thing on a cold evening.

And, to boot, is ridiculously easy to make.

There are really only a handful of ingredients. You slap a few tablespoons of Thai curry in a hot pan with some canola oil, then throw in a can of coconut milk and some chicken stock. Next up comes your lemongrass, basil, a squeeze of lime, a little brown sugar, a little fish sauce, and Thai chilies, if you like it spicy. I do, but I couldn't find Thai chilies, so I settled on a jalapeno, which I think worked great. After that's all had about 10 minutes to simmer, I tossed in the tofu. I think it'd be magnificent with shrimp, but I'm boycotting shrimp until I can find raw, deveined shrimp. I just hate deveining.

 Once the soup's warm enough, just ladle it over some rice and scatter a few cilantro leaves on top. It's so delicious. Two thumbs up from both me and my husband.

This is an Eat, Live, Run recipe. I gotta say, she hasn't turned me wrong yet. She has a cookbook coming out relatively soon and methinks I will be buying it.


  1. cilantro is my fave soup topper. the soup turned out so pretty too! sometimes hard to do, not that it matters. just an added (blog) bonus ;)

  2. So true! For instance, tonight I'm making a soup that is delicious, but it's basically just brown. :)

  3. This sounds quite tasty. My lady was on a Thai kick for a good many months there, and we were curry crazy with dinner just about every other night.

    It's been a while, though. I'll have to mention it to her in hopes of getting my fix on.