Saturday, December 31, 2011

MOAM's Best & Worst of 2011

What a doozy of a year, dudes.

I had been thinking this year was all crap, but it turns out that most of this year was pretty awesome and that just a couple really crappy thing happening made me feel like the whole year had been tainted. That's a bad way to think.

I even had a hard time narrowing down my "best" list to only 10 things, whereas my "worst" list has only the one Terrible Awful thing that happened, plus three other minorly terrible things. It's nice to be able to put the year into perspective.

So, as is my habit, I have listed out my best and worst things of 2011, except this year I honestly couldn't come up with 10 worst things. I didn't want to wrack my brain over it, so I'm leaving it at only 4 worst things. And, in the interest of full disclosure, these lists are pulled from posts throughout the year. Other awesome or awful things have happened, but I astoundingly didn't write about all of them.

Here we go!

Moam's 10 Best Moments of 2011

10. We bought a new bed, and bedroom furniture. This may not sound that awesome, but that bed is the best. It's just a regular old bed, but I love it. Long time.

9. My living room went from a mess to success. For reals. It was frigging awful, and then we had a garage sale, painted the room, and filled it with normal furniture that real grown-ups would not be ashamed to have in their homes. Behold the before-and-after (and don't worry, only that one wall is green).

8. I started another blog, Tired & Stuck, with Internet buddy Libby, and real-life buddy Christina, so that we could chronicle our journeys on the road to pregnancy. So far none of us have been able to maintain a pregnancy, but finding an entire community of women out there who get it has been invaluable.

7. My husband got a new job. There's just no being happy in your off-hours when your on-hours are misery. He's so much happier, now, and that makes me happy, too. 

6. The Royal Wedding. I threw a tea and held a viewing for the marriage of Will and Kate, and damned if it wasn't one of the most fun things I did all year!  

 And these scones were the bomb, too.

5. We discovered Cambria and Hearst Castle and all the wineries down yonder. It was a fun little escape.

4. Our good friends were married, and my husband officiated the wedding. It was a blast! I haven't asked for their permission to publish wedding photos on my blog, so will refrain from doing that ...

3. We went to Las Vegas with a few friends and pretty much ate our way up and down the strip. We saw a great show, had a fantastic massage, stayed in a gorgeous room, and lost a decent chunk of change! It was fabulous.

2. I witnessed my first birth! And it was a home birth, to boot! And I somehow managed to take photos of it, even though I was crying too hard to see through half of it. There just aren't words for how amazing this experience was, and how much in awe I am of my friend, Katie. Not to mention that the end result was a gorgeous baby boy, Charles Anthony Aaron, who was born on my birthday. I could not be more honored.

2. (Yes, I cheated and put in two No. 2s) I went to BlogHer with my soul sister, Christina, and met so many beautiful, talented, kind, wonderful women. And learned so many things. It was an awesome experience and I'm so thrilled that I did it. It was something I'd been wanting to do for a long time, and it feels good to say I made it happen.

 1. You might have predicted I'd say the best thing to happen this year is that my amazing, strong, wonderful sister gave birth to my beautiful niece, Ava. The immediate rush of love and protectiveness I felt for that kid the moment I saw her surprised me. She's the little nugget of love my family's been waiting for.

Now, this has to be done, because it is my tradition, and that is that. Here are my four worst things to happen this year (at least there aren't 10!):

Moam's 4 Worst Moments of 2011

4. I am still an overly voluptuous lady. Like how I call being fat "voluptuous"? Love thyself and all that. I still haven't got it all figured out. Obviously. I mean, a 21-day vegan cleanse? Yeah, that's gonna work. Pshaw. I love food, and don't especially love exercise. Also, weight doesn't drop off the way it did when I was in my early 20s! I'll be tackling this issue again in 2012 by trying to treat myself kindly and not restricting too many foods so I don't feel deprived and binge. And also exercising. Blergh. Speaking of which, check out this video for a little inspiration.

3. My husband's identity was stolen by some douche. Thankfully we didn't lose any money and everything worked out just fine, but things were mighty tense up in here for a moment. 

2. I saw my grandparents' house, now that they don't live there anymore (since my grandpa died and my grandma moved into a retirement home). It was frigging depressing. Enough said.

1. Again, you might have guessed what I'd say here. I had a miscarriage. I've said enough about it in previous posts, and yeah, this is the Terrible Awful thing that tainted all the happy things that happened this year. We are trying again, and everything will work out next time; I must believe.


  1. i know what you mean about the love your family has been waiting for, i feel that after the birth of my nephew, the first grandchild, we grew so much closer.

    cheers to 2012

  2. I love voluptuous, totally stealing it, as I need too.

    My daughter's cat lady Christmas was a success, she liked all her catty gifts. :)

  3. The bad definitely seems to always color our views, but the good looks like it was pretty awesome too.

    Here's to an even better 2012!

  4. I love voluptuous. Nice word. And much nicer than what I've been saying about myself recently ...

    You know I heart you. So may 2012 hold the highest of highs and no lows for you!

  5. Hey, I took that photo of you and Christina!

    I just said it on Christina's blog, but I'll say it again- I'm really glad I got to meet up with you two. :)