Thursday, December 08, 2011

Let's talk about the R-word

Finally dug out my list of 2011 New Year's resolutions.

There were 38 of them. I accomplished 4.

I'm removing two resolutions that I think are dumb, so that leaves 36 resolutions. Of the remaining unfinished 32 resolutions, I believe if I really try, I can complete an additional 9.

REALISTICALLY, I will complete probably 3 of them, the most important of those being to finish the book. Finishing the book will really make the remainder of the resolutions moot -- I don't give a crap WHAT I didn't accomplish this year as long as this blasted novel is done.

I usually do much better with my resolutions, but I think I got completely distracted this year by the pregnancy/miscarriage nonsense. I lost focus, big time. I'm trying to learn how to be a buckle-downer, but it's not inherent, so I have to struggle against my own tendency to daydream and distract myself with other things.

I'll make another resolution list, once this year is over. Really, I just need this year to go bye-bye. If you've read me for a while, you know I love the New Year; love that fresh start and new chance to make it work. To make amazing things happen.

Maybe that will be 2012's mantra. Make amazing things happen. I believe we're each able to accomplish so much more than we realize. Will have to think about this some more.

Do you make resolutions? How is your 2011 list looking?


  1. gahhh, you made A LOT. cut yourself some slack. i made a few and the biggie i failed it. because here i sit at the same effing job. ah well, there is always next year.


  2. Well you did manage to get MARRIED! That was a pretty big deal. :)

  3. Good lord, woman! 38 resolutions! I'm lucky if I make 3, and they are usually the same - lose 10 pounds, exercise more, shop less - and I usually accomplish none of them (although I did lose 3 pounds this year, which is better than zero). I like the new year, too, and am ready for 2012, but am hesitant about making resolutions because I'm always disappointed in myself when I haven't met them at the end of the year. I am going to adopt your mantra for 2012, and (for once) make those resolutions a reality. :)

  4. Yeah! Go Melissa! Making resolutions is really just acknowledging and putting voice to goals you already have, whether conscious or subconscious. We're just expressing our intent to fulfill them. Completing them would be great. If we don't, then it's on the list for the next year!

  5. 38 of them? Aaaack.
    I "gave up" making them on someone elses timetable (read: New Year's), mostly because I am undisciplined, but also because it was trendy and I don't do trendy. But my friend Zelda's ("The Aquitaine" woman) mantra last year really resonated well with me: "Simplify". (And perhaps, stop using so many "quotation marks".) I applied this to everything from my kitchen junk drawer (really? THREE fabric measuring tapes?) to the amount of clothes I own (tossed all the the flattering faves) to menu-planning (toast: it's what's for dinner) and I've been happier. The more I simplify, the happier I get--the happy is commensurate with the simplify. Works for me.

  6. *tossed all BUT the flattering faves.