Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The best thing to happen this year, BY FAR

Meet my sweet niece, Ava Noel, who arrived early yesterday morning. She is a little munchkin who makes mewling noises like a baby lamb and whom I basically do not believe was living in my sister's womb for all that time. My mind does not compute.

 I could stare at that face for hours. She has the family face; there's no denying it.

We expected lots of hair, and we were not disappointed. We are a little surprised that it's brown, since both my sister and her husband were very blond little children, but we are happy with this mop.

I'm an aunt, you guys. I can't stop thinking about it.


  1. Looks like congratulations are in order. What a beautiful baby girl!
    And, a very pretty name too!


  2. Congratulations- She's beautiful!

    First on the shopping list: hair accessories.

  3. Congrats Auntie! She's gorgeous. :) You two are going to have so much fun playing with her hair!

  4. Woohoo! Cool name! Fantastic, and congrats! yeah to your sister! :)

  5. CONGRATS! she's a little beauty.

    and, omg, that HAIR!!!!!

  6. That's how I felt about YOU, Little Niecey!

  7. Ava Noel is beautiful! When my sister had Dylan, I kept telling her, "I can't believe he was inside of you." Babies really are miracles.

  8. Congratulations! Being an Aunt is a wonderful experience. What a great Christmas present :)

  9. HOLY SCHNEIKES! I have never seen a newborn with that much hair! That is amazing.

    Congrats! Being an auntie is all kinds of awesome. I have such a special relationship with my niece, and always will (she just turned 11! She used to be that little! Sniffle.).


    And, again. OMGHAIR! I've never before been jealous of baby hair.

    Also, she looks like you. <3

  10. Thanks everyone! I am teetering between my own excitement that she's here, and knowing that my sister and brother in law probably want everyone to go home and leave them alone. Hahahah... We'll leave them in peace in a few days, probably. Maybe.

  11. Heh-heh-heh. I know for a fact that your mom hasn't "left them alone" Yet. :)
    And that hair may fall out and be replaced by super-blond hair in a few months. Accessorize all you can and post pix, will you? I, too, have never seen so much hair on a newborn! It's absolutely amazing!