Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Things to repeat

1. It's never going to be any easier than it is right now. Stop thinking about how easy this would have been ten years ago. Ten years ago was then, and this is now. Live now and appreciate the ease with which you can accomplish this now, compared to how much more difficult it would be ten years in the future.

2. You are doing this. I saw proof that it is happening. This proves that if you keep doing this, you will finish.

3. You will finish.

4. If you were stupid, you would not have a college degree. You are smart.

5. If you were crazy, someone would probably have reported you to the authorities by now. You are not crazy.

6. Well, you might be a little crazy, but in the best way possible.

7. Depression passes. Been there, done that. I saw you move past it before. This time you are better, stronger, and have more money for wine.

8. When you finish, you will be done. Can you imagine that? When you finish, you can begin the projects you won't let yourself start now. That feeling you seek is called freedom.

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