Monday, November 14, 2011

She of the Big Hair

Last week my sister posted a couple photos of my brother-in-law on Facebook from his days as a young Okie. He sported a pretty impressive afro, and at times a pinky ring, but we won't get into that here. I'll save that conversation for Thanksgiving dinner.

I'm not going to show you those embarrassing photos (but trust me -- hilarity ensued after I saw them), but that information is relevant because as it happens, my sister also had a really impressive afro as a child. It was a halo of curly blonde hair that basically grew in a circle around her head. It didn't grow down -- it grew out. You get the picture.

This picture really does not do the 'fro justice. I'll have to work on finding another one. Related: In this picture she appears to be pointing and speaking. I'm guessing she's saying: "Bring me the cookies. ALL OF THEM." I'm told no one could understand her except for me when she was a toddler, so I interpreted. I hope I was smart enough to use that to my advantage, ie.: "She said to bring her a cookie, and to bring one to me, too."

In any case, my sister is 34 weeks pregnant and, if the most recent ultrasound is any indication, on track to birth a girl with some serious hair growing out of her head.

I'm not exactly schooled in this area, but this is the only ultrasound I've personally seen that shows hair. By the way, Thank you, helpful ultrasound tech, for the word "hair" next to the hair.

I seriously cannot wait for my little 'fro-headed niece to get here.


  1. That is some seriously long hair. I think you should start taking bets on her nickname.

    I nominate Rapunzel. ;)

  2. I'm thinking Don King. ;) Maybe Dolly. For Dolly Parton.

  3. Thank God it's hair. I was afraid it was tenticles.

  4. Tentacles! Can't. Stop. Laughing. My computer screen is thankful I wasn't drinking when I read that.

  5. That is a lot of hair. Hopefully, she keeps it, and it doesn't all fall out. :)

  6. So funny you can see the hair on the ultrasound! Definitely go with Don King.

  7. No fucking way. THAT'S hair in utero???