Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crazy Cat People: The Cube Edition

Our cats, Simon and Murray, used to have a tent we bought them for $10 at Target. Until one day, when Simon got the squirts and smeared dookie on his tent, so we sent it to the big litterbox in the sky.

But, the cats really liked that stupid thing, so we went back to Target to find them another one recently. They didn't have the tent anymore, but they did have ... The Cubes.

The Cubes are made out of the same material the tent was made out of. The difference is they're cubes, not tents (duh), there were two cubes in one package and you can hook the cubes together with velcro. We could get more and more cubes and create kitty tunnels of cubes all over the house! 

But that's something a crazy person would do.

Here Murray is catty-corner in a cube, sniffing the ball in his circular ball-toy thingy. A cat bed is resting partially on the circular ball-toy thingy, which makes the ball-toy thingy irresistible -- for some reason when the ball is partially obscured, he loves it. And yes, my house is coated in a thick layer of cat hair. Why do you ask?

Simon really is the sweetest pussy.

Here's a better view of the cubes.

Here I've arranged the cubes and the ball-toy thingy so that the ball will be partially obscured by the cube, for Murray's pleasure. 

 Action shot.

His favorite way to play is when his head is completely covered by something else. He probably has mommy issues.

I definitely need more cubes.


  1. Man, I need something like that for Juno...but she still won't leave my room since moving here. But she'd be tickled by this!

  2. wait...there are tents for cats?

  3. Simon and Murray have the best parents in the world.