Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The best things this week

We ditched our coffee pot for an electric percolator and I could not be happier. Awesome things about the percolator:

- It doesn't beep at me. I don't need a machine to beep at me when my coffee is done. I instinctively know when my coffee is ready because coffee and I are soul mates for life.

- It's cute. Way cuter than our old coffee maker.

- It's stainless steel. No plastic parts (on the inside)! Therefore no leaching of bullshit plastic chemicals into my coffee.

- It does not require the purchase of paper filters. I'm saving the environment, yo!

- It doesn't drip. Don't even get me started about drippy coffee pots.

- It makes the best tasting coffee ever. And you don't need to use as many grounds as you do in a regular coffee maker in order to make strong coffee. Saving money, yo! 


And then there are my new onion goggles. I don't know if I cut onions like a fool or if I'm just highly susceptible to onion fumes, but I literally cannot cut an onion without tears streaming down my face and wrecking my eye makeup. Cue onion goggles. They come with a little padding to create a "seal" that prevents the fumes from getting to your eyes. AND THEY WORK. Hallelujah. No more crying into my pozole.

That is all. No one paid me to write this stuff; I just like it. I'm not linking to anything because ... I'm not being paid. :)


  1. ok i dont even know what i percolator is! off to google!

  2. It's just like a coffee pot you would use camping. I don't blame you if you've never seen one of these. I personally hate camping with the fire of a thousand suns.

  3. Next time you chop onions, you must snap a picture in your new eyewear. Your fans demand it.

  4. Your onion goggles remind me of Bono.

  5. Onions don't make me cry anymore. I wonder if I have built up immunity to their evil tear making ways?

    I have been thinking for sometime about changing over to a Percolator, I am the only coffee drinker at home, and every single coffee pot I buy dies. I have bought super expensive ones, I have bought cheap ones, they all die. These always seem like they may not self destruct like stupid regular coffee makers do.

    Having you tell me that it makes even better coffee, makes me want to try one even more.

  6. @minal - Done and done. Stay tuned.

    YLIDHAG - thank you? :)

    MMS - If you're the only one who drinks it, consider getting on of the even more adorable small percolators that do 2-4 cups. So freaking cute. Check out reviews on the macys site and you'll be sold.

  7. I agree with Minal. I want a before "sad onion face" pic with an after "fierce onion chopper" face!

  8. Does that perculator make Diet Pepsi too? If it does I could justify drinking it again...

  9. Two words: French Press. Sold at Peet's, Starbuck's and probably every Target - WalMarty type store in town. Best. Coffee. EVER.
    Erin--I've heard that if you slice an onion from root to tip (vs. the other way that most of us do), you'll shed fewer tears. I've also heard that if you leave the root tip on, you'll shed fewer tears. None of these worked *that* well for me, so I'ma get me a pair of those kewl goggles. My eyes are still stinging from an hour ago! Take care =)