Friday, October 28, 2011

Paper Culture Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered! You guys all had a really good chance of winning because there were only 15 entrants, hahaha...

Just FYI to anyone who was concerned that their comment didn't show up -- don't worry, I got it. Intense Debate and Blogger sometimes act like little bitches, but all of the comments are emailed to me. Additionally, when Intense Debate stops working, there is still a log of comments on the Intense Debate site.

Enough of that boring shit. 

The winner is ...

Vanessa from The Voyage of V!

I love Vanessa's blog. She always has the most beautiful photos. I'll email you the voucher code, V!

(BTW I had taped a video of me choosing the winner to ensure fairness, but I couldn't make audio sync with video, which is one of my hugest peeves ever. I refuse to post anything that's not synced. Sorry dudes!)

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