Monday, October 17, 2011

Best new thing ever

I often cook using recipes from magazines or books, because I'm not exactly original or naturally gifted in the kitchen. Normally I just put whatever recipe I'm using on top of the microwave or somewhere on the counter where I can find space. I can say with 100% certainty that every cookbook and cooking magazine I own is stained with the fruits of my labor. I don't have a problem with that, necessarily, but it doesn't keep the reading material in the best condition.

Cue the most awesome cookbook holder ever invented.

This thing can hold anything from a sheet of paper to a very thick book. It's got a cherrywood base with rubber bumpers on the bottom for grip. 

And an acrylic cover to keep spatter of your cookbook! Here's one of my tiny Everyday Food magazines. I make that sweet-pepper rice with sausage recipe about once a month.

Here's my paperback Betty Crocker cookbook, with the back acrylic panel adjusted one notch. 

 Betty Crocker is so informative.

The Pioneer Woman cookbook, which is a hardback. I haven't made these twice-baked potatoes but you can bet your bippy I'm going to.

Thing of beauty. 

 My Babycakes cookbook, open to the gluten-free, vegan donut recipe I have yet to try.

Another awesome feature of this cookbook holder: It folds down and lies flat. 

Perfection. So simple, and yet so effective.

Nobody paid me to write this. I got it for my birthday and I'm over the moon about it. If you want one, it's called the Clear Solutions Jumbo Cookbook Holder. I think it makes a great gift for the chef in your life. I bought mine on Amazon.

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  1. Thanks for showing various pictures including different vantage points. It answered a few questions I had about this book holder.