Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pupps Rash! *jazz hands*

Well this doesn't seem quite fair, but I've got a rash alllllll over my body.

It's called PUPPS RASH! You don't have to capitalize it, but I thought I would for shits and giggles, a la Dooce.

Guess who gets pupps rash?! Pregnant ladies! It often appears shortly after labor.

Oh, you guys.

So I basically got to have a mini-labor for two days (more on that tomorrow) and an itchy, hivey rash, but without any of the benefits that usually accompany the aforementioned shit-tastic things.

Eff you, pupps rash. Eff you very much. 


Let's not dwell on that shit storm.

Let's move along to more positive things.

Yesterday I bought a planner and an egg timer. I spent hours writing lists of things I should do every day, every week, every month. I thought of every minor and major project I'm trying to complete and wrote action plans. Getting all of that information out of my head and onto paper felt really cleansing. I feel like I have a plan, which is good.

My plan is ambitious and not for the weary, lazy, or procrastinating. It won't be easy, because I am often weary, lazy, and procrastinating.

But I have faith that in the next three months, a lot of major (and minor) projects are going to get finished. I've had enough of sitting on my hands. It's boring and maddening and dumb.

There will be more coming up on my projects, very soon. Til then, *itch, scratch, ouch, jazz hands*

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