Monday, September 26, 2011

Project: The Green Wall

There is exactly one person who loves the bright green wall in my living room. Her name is Erin, and she is me. I am her. She is I? I am she?

The story goes: I have a compulsion to paint things green. I chose an olive green color for the exterior of the house, and decided not to stop there. I chose a color from Kelly Moore called "green apple," picked an accent wall in my living room, and there is where the green has been for nigh on a year now.

Most friends who see the green wall ask something like: "Did you do this on purpose?"

Oh, yes, my friends. I did. I actually love it more every day. It's so Dr. Seuss. It's so bright and insane. I hope the neighbors see it through the front window and shake their heads.

Unfortunately, I am not domestic. My decorating skills are subpar, to say the least. It may have more than a little to do with procrastination and/or laziness, combined with a sincere lack of knowledge when it comes to knowing how to make stuff look good.

So what I had for a long time was a green wall. With a couple of weird things on it that were totally not cohesive and didn't make any sense. But that has all changed, my friends.

Now for starters, let us look at the before picture.

There is the green wall. Shown on the wall are a painting by my mother-in-law, and a mirror I found on sale at Cost Plus. In front of the green wall: a vintage record player with lamp and vintage glass tchotchke thingies, plus vintage coffee table. Both of these pieces are from my grandmother-in-law's home, and the lamp was a wedding gift five years ago from Crate and Barrel. Sorry for the weird photo quality, plus the end of Simon's tail in the bottom right hand corner of the photo.

It seems obvious that a person who is either lacking brain cells or is supremely lazy threw together what you are seeing in the photo above. It may be that both of those are true.

In any case, as I've mentioned, I am hell bent on starting and/or finishing a variety of projects these days, and the green wall was fairly high on the priority list. As it happened, my parents were moving and they offered to give me their piano since they won't have room for it in their new place. I accepted and last week hired a piano mover to go get it and bring it to the house.

Then on Friday I spent an inordinate amount of time hanging photos on the green wall. Let me tell you -- I think it took me three hours to do this. It involved a lot of measuring, leveling, hanging, and re-hanging when I realized my measurements were off. Good Lord. No wonder my lazy ass hadn't done this earlier.

In any case, here is the finished product. The lamp is too large and I'll be replacing it with something smaller, but other than that I am more than happy with the finished product. I even bought some useless decorative balls to put in a glass bowl! That is how dedicated I was to making this look like a properly decorated wall.

Tell me that is not a thing of beauty. Oh, shut up.

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