Thursday, September 22, 2011

One thing went right

Today, just a brief update.

Things went well yesterday. The ultrasound showed I'd had a complete miscarriage and there would be no need for a D&C. My relief about this is huge.

The rash I have, though? Is not pupps rash, according to the doctor. Apparently pupps rash never appears in the first trimester. It's just a massive coincidence that it looks like pupps rash and appeared 10 hours after the miscarriage.

What it may have been caused by is an organic bath soap I'd used two times. Since the rash appeared I switched to a hypoallergenic soap. It shows no signs of abating, so today I'm washing all towels, clothes, sheets ... anything my body comes into contact with that might have some sort of allergen on it.

Meanwhile, I have a few minor projects I'm working on today. More on those tomorrow...

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