Thursday, August 11, 2011


If you let it, BlogHer will fill your every waking hour with sessions, meals, and parties.

We let it.

Here are some photos from the parties. These are just the standard BlogHer parties -- we didn't have invites to other sponsored parties, which was just fine. And -- I don't have photos from Thursday night's parties, which seemed much, much tamer than the following nights.

 Bad-ass cake at Sparklecorn.


 Ladies on the stage at Sparklecorn.

 Ladies dancing at Sparklecorn.

 I <3 Big Butts at Aiming Low.

 Social fiesta on a rooftop.

 Flan at social fiesta.

 DJ at Social Fiesta.

 Social Fiesta redness.

 Christina and I traveling via elevator between Aiming Low and Social Fiesta.

 Another amazing cake! At Aiming Low.

 Stuffed peen at Aiming Low.

A bed at CheeseburgHer. I think the implication is that by now you are so exhausted you want to lie in bed and eat cheeseburgers. Which is about right.

The craft table at CheeseburgHer. People were crafting some very interesting hats out of McDonalds bags.

Photo booth at CheeseburgHer. I'm not sure who these ladies are.

Phew! I'm tired just looking at these ...

Later today I may have a post on some of the amazing speakers we heard ... Toodles for now!

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